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HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that saves people time planning meals and shopping for groceries. With an emphasis on fresh foods, the service may appeal to busy people and families.

This article looks at how HelloFresh works and its menu options. It discusses who the meals may be suitable for and potential health benefits.

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service. They deliver a box to customers containing pre-portioned fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes. A person then cooks the meals at home.

People choose a meal plan based on their dietary needs and preferences. HelloFresh lets people skip a week or cancel if they need to. They deliver three times a week to ensure the ingredients are as fresh as possible.

Customers can select between two and five meals per week for either two or four people.

The service has options for people who eat meat, those on a vegetarian diet, and those counting calories or carbohydrates. HelloFresh label all their meals with nutritional information.

HelloFresh claim that the service enables people to save money and reduce their food waste. They package products in recyclable materials where possible.

Please note, the writer has not tried this product. All information is research-based.

HelloFresh is available for purchase online.

People can personalize their menu plan according to the following preferences:

  • meat and veggies
  • veggie
  • family-friendly
  • calorie smart
  • quick and easy
  • pescatarian

Each preference offers a choice of 22+ weekly recipes created by chefs and nutrition specialists.

Some recipes are gluten-, dairy-, and nut-free. HelloFresh leaves it to the customer to select suitable recipes.

HelloFresh does not offer vegan options, but a person can adapt the vegetarian meals to cater to this.

Similarly, they don’t provide paleo or keto meals, but someone could adjust the ingredients to suit these dietary requirements.

The following is an example of recipes that someone can choose from a HelloFresh weekly menu:

  • harissa sweet potato pockets
  • brown sugar dijon glazed trout
  • southwestern shrimp tacos
  • plant-based protein bulgogi bowls
  • smokehouse pulled chicken bowls
  • firehouse cheeseburgers

Using HelloFresh means that a person is cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients and avoiding processed foods.

Processed foods are often higher in sugar and fat and can lack the nutrients that fresh foods retain.

According to some research, unprocessed foods or minimally processed foods are associated with a lower risk of chronic disease.

Weight loss

People who are trying to lose weight may benefit from HelloFresh.

The low-calorie meal plan has dietitian-approved meals that contain about 650 calories each. Experts advise that someone should reduce their calorie and fat intake to lose weight. A person can choose low-calorie and low-fat meals in their weekly HelloFresh delivery.

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Considerations for special diets

HelloFresh does not offer specific options for people who have vegan or gluten-free diets or those that are adhering to keto, paleo, or low sugar diets.

Someone who has diabetes may find the low carbohydrate options helpful to plan their carbohydrate intake. However, HelloFresh does not offer tailored meal plans for people with diabetes.

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HelloFresh does offer nutritional information enabling someone to choose suitable meals, but people cannot swap ingredients that they need to avoid.

There are several alternative meal kit delivery services that are available online. A person should check the menus and plans before committing to any meal kit service, as they may find limited options for their dietary needs.

Some brands include:

Alternatively, someone can take the following steps to eat a healthful diet while also saving time and waste:

  • plan out a weekly menu and shop for groceries with an online delivery service
  • use online resources to find quick and easy recipes and meal ideas
  • use leftovers to add to salads, wraps, or bowls for quick lunches
  • batch cook and freeze in portions
  • make one-pot meals such as chilis, soup, and stews
  • prepare breakfasts the night before, for instance, overnight oats
  • wash and chop a variety of raw vegetables and salads to store in the refrigerator
  • use frozen vegetables to add to recipes and frozen fruit for smoothies

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HelloFresh offers people an easy way to eat freshly prepared food. The menu options are also varied and may appeal to families too.

However, those on a gluten-free or vegan diet may not have enough options to use the service exclusively. Other meal delivery services may be more suitable for specific dietary requirements, and people should do their research.

Batch cooking, freezing, and using leftovers are also ways to eat a healthful diet and save time.

HelloFresh is available for purchase online.