National Psoriasis Awareness Month helps to spread positive information about psoriasis. It provides an opportunity for those living with psoriasis and their families to engage with the community and have their voices heard.

People across the country can get involved. A person can choose to share their story or read others’ stories on social media. They can also get involved with in-person events as a volunteer or as a participant, or make a donation to help advance research into psoriasis.

National Psoriasis Awareness Month occurs every August. The idea of the month is to spotlight the stories of people living with psoriasis, increase understanding of the condition, and help spread general knowledge about a condition that affects around 100 million people worldwide.

By participating in events, a person can learn more about the condition through people living with the condition. Those who are living with the condition can also hear stories from other people who may be experiencing similar things to them.

The event can also help raise awareness of research funding. Future research will continue to help scientists better understand the condition and provide new and improved treatments for people living with it.

National Psoriasis Awareness helps on several different levels.

For people living with psoriasis, it provides an outlet to share their stories. It also provides an opportunity for people who may feel isolated, alone, or stigmatized to hear from others going through and overcoming similar experiences.

According to a 2020 study, people living with psoriasis often experience diminished quality of life. This can include issues with socialization due to perceived or real stigmas and misconceptions.

Awareness can help to reduce stigmas and misconceptions about psoriasis. Some people believe that psoriasis is contagious. This is not the case. Though the exact causes are still unclear, experts believe it occurs due to the immune system and genetics.

Finally, awareness can help increase the amount of research that goes into psoriasis. As mentioned, the exact cause is still not known. There also may be new and better treatments that can improve a person’s overall outcome.

A person can get involved with National Psoriasis Awareness month in several different ways. There is no one way to get involved.

Social media

One way for a person to get involved is through social media. A person can share their story or loved one’s story on their preferred platform. Some common hashtags a person can include in their Instagram or Twitter sharing are #PsoriasisWarrior, #PsoraisisAwareness, and #PsoriasisCommunity.

A person can also use these tags to search for others’ stories.

Join in-person events

The National Psoriasis Foundation hosts several in-person and online events for people to attend. A person can get more information on their events on their site here.

Donate time or money

Donations can help to fund future research efforts. In 2020, the National Psoriasis Foundation donated about 3.28 million dollars to research. A person can donate to research through their organization. A person can donate what they can here.

Even if a person cannot afford a cash donation, they can still get involved with their time. People who enjoy exercise can get involved in their Virtual Active day. A person can join a virtual team for running, walking, or biking.

A person can find more information and sign up here.

Join a research study

A person can also participate in research studies as a way to get involved in Awareness month. Though a person should talk with their doctor first, they can find information on ongoing studies on or on the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website.

National Psoriasis Awareness Month helps to give a voice to people living with psoriasis, end stigma, and help fund research into the condition. It provides an opportunity for people to get involved with research and events as well as donate money to research.

A person interested in getting involved in Awareness Month can get more information on the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website. They can also talk with their treatment team to see if they have any information on local events.