A crisis of worldwide proportions is affecting millions of people throughout the world. Every developed nation is involved. All aspects of people's lives are touched.

This crisis hasn?t make the headlines No panel of experts have been seen discussing this on television. Everyone is touched by this silent yet palpable crisis to some degree and yet, not many recognize the extent and existence of the problem before us. No one speaks of it

The crisis that I speak of is the health crisis; the epidemic of degenerative diseases and poor health that is in progress in the United States, and all other developed countries throughout the world. Cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, kidney and other diseases are the leading players in this dangerous situation.

Degenerative diseases such as the aforementioned don't appear overnight. . Many years of poor health is the prelude to serious illnesses. Today, even the young complain of poor health. Complaints such as tiredness, mental fog, aches and pains and a host of others are commonplace among all ages . Blotchy, and pasty skin and dull and lack luster hair, excessive weight gain, chronic fatigue, poor concentration and a loss of physical and mental flexibility eventually follow suit. Symptoms of poor health make life a struggle, cutting down the quality and enjoyment of life.

There seems to be something drastically wrong. Chronic or degenerative sickness and poor health are not some things that need to be suffered with. As with other members of the animal kingdom, health and well-being is the normal state of human existence and there are steps that can be taken to return to and create vibrant health .

Human beings were not made to suffer with debilitating diseases. There is enough evidence that suggests that the way that we live is the key to sickness or health. . Surviving traditional peoples, who were studied within this century, were found to be free of most of the degenerative diseases that plague modern people. All of the groups surveyed were doing the same things that prevented degenerative diseases and created excellent health. The common factor was that these people ate and lived in manner that was drastically different than people, today, living in modern countries.

Today, there is a system of healthy living which combines the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures with modern understanding of the body and nutrition. This method is called 'macrobiotics' or the macrobiotic approach. Continues....www.macrobiotic.com

Written by John Kozinski