REM behavior disorderREMsmoking, head injuries or pesticidesNeurology

“Until now, we didn’t know much about the risk factors for this disorder, except that it was more common in men and in older people. Because it is a rare disorder, it was difficult to gather information about enough patients for a full study. For this study, we worked with 13 institutions in 10 countries to get a full picture of the disorder.”

Parkinson’s disease



  • Be smokers (43%)

  • To have had a previous head injury where they lost consciousness (56%)

  • To have worked as a farmer (67%)

  • To have been exposed to pesticides through work (twice as likely)

  • Have had 11.1 years of education, compared to 12.7 years among those without the disorder

“Smoking, head injury, pesticide exposure, and farming are potential risk factors for idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder.”