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Shoulder pain can make getting to sleep and staying asleep difficult. Supportive mattresses that relieve pressure points may reduce pain and allow for more restorative sleep.

All prices are for queen-size mattresses.

The following table compares the mattresses in this article on price, firmness, and more.

Nolah$2,499hybrid• plush
• luxury firm
• firm
15 in
Tempur-Pedic$1,999memory foammedium10 in
Helix Sunset$1,373.80hybridsoft11.5 in
WinkBed$1,799hybridluxury firm13.5 in
Nectar$1,099memory foammedium-firm12 in
Saatva$2,095hybrid• plush soft
• luxury firm
• firm
11.5 in
14.5 in
Casper$3,125hybridmedium firm13 in
Helix Dawn Luxe$2,373.80hybridfirm13.5 in
Brooklyn Bedding$1,332hybrid• soft
• medium
• firm
11 in
Leesa$2,159hybrid• plush
• medium firm
• firm
14 in
DreamCloud$1,332hybridmedium firm12 in

Medical News Today chooses mattresses that fit the following criteria where possible:

  • Support: Mattresses that offer comfort and support around the shoulders to reduce aches and pains.
  • Cooling technology: Mattresses that encourage more restful sleep by wicking away heat and moisture.
  • Mattress type: Hybrid and memory foam mattresses that offer similar levels of support.
  • Size: Mattresses that are available in sizes twin–California king.
  • Firmness: Mattresses that are available in different firmness options to suit most sleeping positions.

Medical News Today follows a strict product selection and vetting process. Learn more.

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When purchasing a mattress to ease shoulder pain, people may consider:

  • Mattress type: Memory foam offers contouring support, whereas hybrid coils dynamically respond to a sleeper’s movement. Both types can help support neutral spinal alignment, reducing shoulder pain.
  • Support layers: Most mattresses have one or more layers of support foam. These layers cradle certain body areas — such as the shoulders — to reduce aches and pains.
  • Firmness: Side sleepers may prefer soft mattresses, and back sleepers with shoulder pain may prefer a firm model to provide lifting support. Medium-firm mattresses are a good compromise for most sleepers.
  • Sleep trial: Not all mattresses are suitable for everyone. Look for a longer sleep trial to ensure the mattress reduces shoulder pain.
  • Price: Mattresses can be costly. Most companies offer financing to help spread out the cost over a longer time.

Read our in-depth mattress-buying guide.

Constantly disrupted sleep can lead to circadian rhythm disorder, which means a person’s internal body clock does not know when to sleep or wake up.

Symptoms of this include:

Pain and lack of sleep can form a cycle, as experiencing one will make the other more likely. Pain disrupts sleep, and insufficient sleep can make the body more sensitive to pain.

People who are experiencing pain must speak with a doctor to address any underlying causes. A new mattress can help reduce discomfort but not treat any underlying conditions.

Here we answer some common questions about mattresses and shoulder pain.

Unsupportive mattresses do not provide contouring comfort to the body. Older mattresses may sag or have soft spots, leading to minimal support during sleep.

People with unsupportive or old mattresses may be more likely to wake up with shoulder pain.

Yes, a mattress topper can help with shoulder pain if a mattress is too soft or firm for comfort.

However, mattress toppers cannot fix soft spots or sagging mattresses.

According to research, medium-firm mattresses may offer the best level of support to reduce shoulder pain.

Memory foam may be beneficial for shoulder pain as it molds to a person’s body shape to provide support to the body. This means it may cradle the shoulder, reducing pressure and pain.

Additionally, memory foam can help to promote spinal alignment which may help to reduce shoulder pain.

A memory foam mattress topper may help to alleviate shoulder pain by molding to the body and providing pressure relief. A latex mattress topper may also help resolve this issue as it can also provide cushioning support, particularly for side sleepers.

Shoulder pain can cause discomfort and reduce sleep quality. Using a supportive mattress is one of the ways a person may reduce aches and pains during sleep.

There are many mattresses available to purchase online. However, people may wish to choose mattresses that offer supportive and contouring layers of memory foam. Additionally, dynamic coils can automatically adjust to provide extra stability and lift where necessary.