At Medical News Today, we pride ourselves on providing you with the latest news in medical research. This month, we’ve gone one step further, taking a deep dive into the future of health technology.

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MNT were excited to attend Future Healthcare 2019 earlier this month.

Last week, MNT attended the annual Future Healthcare 2019 Exhibition and Conference, which took place in London in the United Kingdom.

It was an intriguing, eye-opening conference, brimming with healthcare professionals and scientists from across the globe, brought together to talk about the latest technological innovations in healthcare.

One standout innovation for me was a technology called GripAble.

Created by a team of scientists from Imperial College London in the U.K., GripAble consists of a digital handgrip and a gaming app. Its purpose is to increase arm and hand mobility in people with movement impairment.

Speaking at the conference, Dr. Paul Rinne — CEO and co-founder of GripAble — said that the aim of the technology was not to replace traditional rehabilitation techniques, such as the use of putty for hand exercises.

Instead, the company wants to help encourage people to better stick to their rehabilitation plans by offering a more enjoyable alternative.

Another interesting technology that delegates discussed at the conference was a wearable device called Sensate. In essence, its creators say that the device can produce the stress-relieving effects of meditation without the user having to meditate.

Sensate, developed by Bioself Technology, works by using sound to stimulate the vagus nerve and synchronize brain activity, which studies have suggested can reduce stress.

At the conference, Stefan Chmelik — CEO and founder of BioSelf Technology — noted that Sensate could be a solution for people who experience the “dark side of meditation” — that is, those who experience an increase in stress and anxiety as a result of the practice.

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If that wasn’t enough health technology for you to get your teeth into, MNT also attended the 2019 Wired Health conference in London earlier this week. More fascinating insights into medical innovations will be coming your way very soon!

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I’ll be back next month with the latest news on what’s been happening at MNT.

Until then, I wish you all a happy and healthful April!

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