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Metabolic tests look at a person’s hormone levels or carbon dioxide and oxygen output. They may indicate a hormone imbalance or help people with weight goals. Several companies offer metabolic tests for at-home use that people can purchase online.

A quick look at the best metabolism tests

MNT chooses at-home tests that meet the following criteria:

  • Laboratories: Where possible, MNT will choose companies that process test samples in CLIA-certified labs. This means they follow state and federal regulations.
  • Budget: MNT chooses at-home tests that suit a wide range of budgets.
  • Privacy: MNT includes companies that offer robust and transparent privacy measures, such as data protection and discreet packaging.
  • Test result speed: MNT selects companies that inform customers when they will receive their test results and whether they will receive them via email, app, or phone.
  • Further support: MNT will indicate whether a company offers further support, such as a follow-up phone consultation with a doctor to discuss test results.
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For membership savings: Everlywell Metabolism Test

Price: $49

Everlywell offers a range of at-home test kits to assess different health concerns.

Learn more about Everlywell here.

The Everlywell Metabolism Test provides information on cortisol, testosterone, and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels.

Customers need to register test kits on the Everlywell website. They then use the included lancet and equipment to collect blood and saliva samples. People then place the samples in the prepaid envelope and send them to the lab for analysis.

Results are available within 5 days. Users can view them on an online portal or dedicated app. Everlywell provides guidance on results.

Membership subscriptions are available, with monthly deliveries at a reduced cost.

Learn more about the Everlywell Metabolism Test here.

Pros and cons


  • membership option for regular users
  • required tools provided
  • free shipping available
  • discreet packaging
  • accepts payments through flexible savings account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA)


  • expensive one-time price
  • shipping unavailable outside the United States
  • requires the use of needles
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For saliva sample collection: myLABBOX At Home Metabolism Test

The myLABBOX At Home Metabolism Test.

Price: $99

This test checks a person’s cortisol, TSH, and testosterone levels.

To use this test, people must perform a finger prick and take a saliva sample. They then send the samples to myLABBOX’s lab in a prepaid envelope.

myLABBOX uses CAP and CLIA-certified labs.

The company states that individuals will receive a free consultation from a doctor if the results show hormone levels that are too high or low.

Results are available within 5 days.

Learn more about myLABBOX here.

Pros and cons


  • suitable for men and women
  • free shipping
  • FSA and HSA payments accepted
  • the company works with CLIA-certified labs


  • currently unavailable to persons residing in New York
  • free consultations are only available if the result is positive
  • possible shipping delays, according to reviews
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For a weight check: Verisana Weight Hormone Check

Price: $149.95

The Verisana Weight Hormone Check metabolism test.

Verisana states that its weight check test can inform people whether an imbalance of hormones is affecting their weight.

This test looks at the following hormone levels:

This test requires a saliva sample. People then send the sample to the lab.

The company checks the person’s hormone levels against the average levels in their age range.

Results will indicate an average hormone range in green and irregular levels in red.

People should contact a doctor if they receive a result that shows hormones levels are irregular or if they believe they require further tests.

The company may take 3 weeks to issue results.

Pros and cons


  • free shipping
  • analysis in a CLIA-certified lab
  • saliva sample required


  • no membership for regular buyers
  • long waiting time for results
  • no consultations with Verisana’s doctors
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For medical support: LetsGetChecked Cortisol Test

LetsGetChecked Cortisol Test

Price: $99

LetsGetChecked’s cortisol test measures cortisol levels and requires a blood sample.

The company provides users with all the tools they need, such as lancets and tubes.

It recommends that people get tested if they have Cushing’s syndrome symptoms, Addison’s disease, or take testosterone.

LetsGetChecked also states that it is best to take the test between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and return the sample to the lab on the same day.

Individuals can access their results using their online account within 5 days.

LetsGetChecked’s medical team is available 24/7 and will contact users to discuss results.

A regular subscription is available, which reduces the cost of one-time tests.

Learn more about LetsGetChecked.

Pros and cons


  • doctor consultations
  • a subscription option for regular buyers
  • accepts FSA and HSA payments


  • no health insurance
  • not a good option for persons with a fear of needles
  • extra charge for express shipping
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For personalized recommendations: Thorne Weight Management Test

Thorne Weight Management Test

Price: $327

This weight management kit measures biomarkers associated with a person’s weight management.

Orders include gauze pads, biohazard bags, a return envelope, and saliva collection tubes, among other tools that users may need for the test.

It requires a blood and saliva sample collection and measures the following:

  • reproductive hormones, such as estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone
  • adrenal hormones, such as cortisol
  • blood sugar levels
  • vitamin D
  • thyroid hormones

Individuals mail their samples to the company’s lab. Physicians review the results, which are available after 8-10 business days.

Pros and cons


  • available personalized recommendations
  • necessary tools provided
  • subscription option when buying three or more products
  • recyclable packaging


  • longer turnaround time than other options
  • more expensive than other options
  • does not ship to P.O. boxes
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The chart below shows how the five metabolism tests differ from each other:

Everlywell Metabolism TestmyLABBOX At Home Metabolism TestVerisana Weight Hormone CheckLetsGetChecked Cortisol TestThorne Weight Management Test
Sample methodblood and salivablood and salivasalivabloodblood and saliva
Resultswithin 5 dayswithin 5 days3 weekswithin 5 daysafter 8-10 days

There are several online brands that stock at-home metabolism tests. Below are some factors that people can consider before purchasing:

  • Sample collection: Most test kits require both a blood and saliva sample. Those uncomfortable using needles may prefer a product that only requires saliva samples.
  • Cost: At-home tests can be expensive, especially if individuals buy them for one-time use. Regular users may prefer a company that offers regular subscriptions at a reduced cost.
  • Consultations: Some companies offer free consultations so that customers can discuss their results with doctors or nurses.
  • Results: Product pages list the number of days that the laboratory takes to publish results. Most of the time, people receive them within a few days, and they can access them via email or through an online portal.

A metabolism test measures the rate at which the body uses oxygen or burns calories. It can estimate how many calories a person burns when at rest or during activity, which can help them with their fitness and weight goals.

Metabolism refers to the body’s process of converting food into energy. The body uses this energy for everyday tasks, including keeping warm, movement, and other activities.

Learn more about metabolism.

An individual can receive metabolic testing at some healthcare facilities and fitness centers. In addition, several companies offer home tests to help people determine their metabolic rate.

It is important to note that no home test can diagnose a health condition, so people should interpret their results with the help of a doctor.

Some metabolism tests look at key hormone levels that can affect a person’s metabolism. These test results could indicate a hormone issue that could be affecting an individual’s weight and other aspects of health. For example, many hormone metabolism tests look at cortisol levels, TSH, and free testosterone.


A hormone metabolism test may indicate a person has too much or too little cortisol. This hormone plays a role in regulating metabolism, the immune system, and how the body responds to stress.

Having too much cortisol for an extended period can lead to low libido. People with uteruses may have irregular periods or periods that stop altogether, which doctors call amenorrhea.

Having too much cortisol can also lead to Cushing’s syndrome. This condition can cause many symptoms, including high blood pressure, mood swings, and rapid weight gain around the face, chest, and abdomen.

In contrast, having too little cortisol may also be a sign of Addison’s disease, which can be life threatening without treatment. Some symptoms may include dizziness, fatigue, and unintentional weight loss.

Thyroid stimulating hormone

A hormone metabolism test may indicate whether a person has too much or too little TSH. This hormone plays a role in maintaining metabolism, muscle control, brain development, and heart and digestion functions.

Having too much TSH may indicate an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism. Some symptoms of this condition include feeling cold, fatigue, and experiencing unintentional weight gain.

In contrast, having too little TSH may indicate an overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism. Some symptoms of this condition include unintentional weight loss, feeling hot, and anxiety symptoms.

Learn more about TSH levels.

Free testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both females and males.

Learn more about testosterone.

In females with too much testosterone, it can indicate polycystic ovary syndrome. Some symptoms of this condition include acne, more body and facial hair, and a deeper voice.

Males with too little testosterone may experience increased body fat, sleep disturbances, and erectile dysfunction.

There are four types of metabolic tests. The most common home test that screens certain possible health conditions are metabolic hormone tests.

Home metabolic testing often looks at hormone levels in the blood or saliva. In addition to screening for hormone levels that may suggest an underlying condition, these tests may also indicate causes of weight gain.

The following hormones may play a role in weight gain and loss:

  • Cortisol: Research has shown that higher cortisol levels could predict more weight gain.
  • TSH: Researchers are not sure how much of a role the thyroid and the TSH have on weight loss. However, a 2017 study indicates that a higher presence of free thyroid hormones predicts more weight loss in adults with obesity.
  • Free testosterone: Research indicates that testosterone therapy may help males with low testosterone and obesity lose weight. The researchers suggest that testosterone therapy may encourage sustained weight loss and maintenance of a person’s weight goal compared with other treatments.

However, people should always interpret their metabolic test results with the help of a doctor. If a person receives a test result that indicates hormone levels that are too low or too high, they should contact a healthcare professional for further tests.

At-home metabolism tests are not substitutes for medical advice. People should always contact a doctor to discuss their results.

An individual can speak with a doctor if they receive a metabolism test result that shows their hormone levels are too low or too high. Although the test cannot diagnose what is causing these uncharacteristic levels, a doctor can.

A person interested in using the home metabolic test for weight loss or maintenance should speak with a doctor, nutritionist, or fitness professional, who can help design a diet and exercise program that meets their requirements.

The following are some frequently asked questions about home metabolism tests.

Is an at-home metabolism test accurate?

The accuracy of home metabolism tests is difficult to determine. Home tests can give a general indication of a person’s overall metabolic health. However, people should always consult with a doctor to discuss any concerns about test results or if they experience any symptoms they believe may be due to a hormone imbalance.

A doctor may recommend further testing. If they diagnose a condition, they can talk a person through their treatment options.

Do you need to fast before a test?

An individual should follow all instructions that come with their test kit or device regarding fasting.

What is the metabolism’s function?

Metabolism is a reaction that provides the body with energy. Food and drink provide energy, which the body metabolizes to keep it healthy. The body uses this fuel for movement, growth, reproduction, and development.

The rate at which a person metabolizes food and drink depends on several factors, including:

  • age
  • sex
  • race
  • exercise
  • diet

Home metabolic tests can indicate whether a person’s hormone levels are too high or too low. Having hormone levels that are too high or low can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, and unintentional weight loss or gain.

People should contact a doctor once they receive their test results to determine the cause of these uncharacteristic hormone levels.