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A twin mattress, also known as a single mattress, is suitable for one person. People frequently use them in children’s bedrooms, dorm rooms, multi-functional guest rooms, and small living spaces.

Sleep is important for health, and getting too little sleep can increase a person’s risk of health conditions. In children and teens, sleep supports healthy growth and development.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends that children ages 3–12 sleep 9–13 hours per day, teens ages 13–18 sleep 8–10 hours, and adults sleep 7–9 hours. A twin mattress can help people get good quality sleep.

This article looks at some of the best twin mattresses available to order online and discusses what buyers should look for. It also answers some frequently asked questions.

People can consider the following pros and cons of twin mattresses to make sure this size is right for their needs.


  • They are more affordable than larger sizes.
  • They fit easily into smaller spaces.
  • People can push two twin XL mattresses together to make a king size bed.
  • They are suitable for children and adults.
  • They feature the same materials and benefits as larger mattresses.


  • They may be too small for large or tall people.
  • They are suitable for just one person.
  • Children will eventually grow out of a twin mattress.
  • Some twin mattresses still cost more than $1,000.
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Below, we look at eight of the best twin mattresses available to order online.

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The table below compares each of the twin mattresses in this article.

PriceMattress typeFirmnessAge range
Helix$748.80hybridfirm, soft3–12
Nectar$359memory foammedium firmnot specified
Avocado$699hybridmediumnot specified
Saatva$795hybridplush soft, luxury firm3–12
Birch$998.80hybridfirm, medium firm3–12
Layla$749memory foamfirm, softnot specified
WinkBed$1,149hybridsoft, luxury firm, firm, plusnot specified
Casper$769memory foammedium firmnot specified

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Because twin mattresses are small and will typically have room for just one person, they are a common choice for:

  • children’s rooms
  • guest rooms
  • smaller houses or sleeping areas
  • college dorms

Some brands specify which age range their twin mattresses are for. If a person is buying a mattress for a child, they should check whether it is suitable for the child’s age and use the correct side of a flippable mattress.

Some adults may prefer twin mattresses if they have different needs from their sleeping partner.

Twin mattresses are typically 38 in wide and 75 in long. A twin XL mattress can be around 80 in long. Twin XL mattresses may be better suited to adults or taller children.

Some people will push two twin XL mattresses together to create a king-size bed.

There are a number of important factors to consider when buying a new mattress, from the type of mattress to the materials and their certifications.

Considering the following points can help a person select the best twin mattress for their needs:

  • Age range: Some twin mattresses for children are designed for specific age ranges, such as 3–12 years. People should check whether the mattress they want will be suitable for a child to ensure adequate support and comfort.
  • Type: People can choose from memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid twin mattresses. People should consider which type will provide the right balance of comfort and support for their typical sleep position.
  • Firmness: Although research suggests that a medium-firm mattress is best for comfort, spinal alignment, and sleep quality, different sleep positions will benefit from different firmnesses. Those who sleep on their side may wish to get a softer mattress to reduce pressure on the hips and shoulders. Firmer mattresses can suit back and stomach sleepers. People can use a company’s sleep trial to test their chosen mattress.
  • Warranty and sleep trials: Many mattress brands offer around 10 years of warranty, and sleep trials may be 100–365 nights. Getting a mattress with a longer warranty and sleep trial protects buyers if their mattress is damaged and allows them to exchange it for a different model.
  • Price: Twin mattresses can be more affordable than larger sizes, but some models cost more than $1,000 because of their construction, materials, and brand. When buying a twin mattress for a child, people should consider how long it will be suitable for the child and ensure that they buy a cost-effective product.

Below, we answer some of the most common questions about twin mattresses.

How much should a good twin mattress cost?

Twin mattresses can cost $300–$1,200. The price will vary based on the type of mattress, the materials a company uses, and any unique technology in the mattress. People can use a company’s sleep trial to make sure the mattress they buy is right for their needs.

Who are twin mattresses best for?

Twin mattresses are suitable for children, teenagers, college dorm rooms, guest rooms, and small living spaces. People should check that a twin mattress will be big enough for the person sleeping on it, as this size may not be right for taller or larger people.

How big is a twin mattress?

Twin mattresses are typically 38 in wide and 75 in long. A twin XL mattress is slightly longer at 80 in long.

Do two twin mattresses make a king?

Two twin mattresses are approximately equal to the typical size of a king mattress: 76 in wide by 80 in long.

How long should a twin mattress last?

Mattresses will typically last 7–10 years, although this will depend on the materials a company uses, the type of mattress, and how people use and care for it. People can protect twin mattresses from spills and accidents with waterproof mattress covers.

Twin mattresses are suitable for children, teenagers, and some adults. People can buy them for bedrooms, small living spaces, and college dorms. There are memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring models available.

Many kids’ twin mattresses have flippable designs for use as a child grows.

Before buying a twin mattress, people may want to consider their sleep style, the materials they want in their mattress, and the environmental certifications a company holds.