Cigna is a private insurance company offering Medicare Advantage plans, some of which include dental coverage.

All the plan options provide hospitalization and medical insurance, and most of them offer prescription drug coverage.

While some Cigna dental plans cover only preventive care, such as oral exams, other plans cover preventive and restorative care, such as fillings. The company also offer standalone dental plans.

This article introduces Cigna and provides an overview of Medicare. Next, it examines the Medicare plans that Cigna offer and their costs, and describes the company’s standalone dental plans. Lastly, it shows how a person can find a health plan in their area.

We may use a few terms in this piece that can be helpful to understand when selecting the best insurance plan:

  • Deductible: This is an annual amount that a person must spend out of pocket within a certain time period before an insurer starts to fund their treatments.
  • Coinsurance: This is a percentage of a treatment cost that a person will need to self-fund. For Medicare Part B, this comes to 20%.
  • Copayment: This is a fixed dollar amount that an insured person pays when receiving certain treatments. For Medicare, this usually applies to prescription drugs.
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Cigna is a global health insurance company offering policies in all 50 states and 16 countries. More than 15 million people have a Cigna health plan, which includes:

  • three different types of Medicare plans
  • non-Medicare insurance for individuals, businesses, and families
  • standalone dental plans
  • supplemental insurance
  • international plans for people living abroad

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for adults over 65 years old and younger people with specific disabilities. It has four parts, as described below.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare comprises Part A, hospital insurance, and Part B, medical insurance. Part A covers inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing facility care, hospice care, and some home health services, while Part B covers outpatient services, such as doctor visits, lab tests, and medical equipment.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is sometimes called Part C or an all-in-one health plan. It is the alternative to original Medicare and provides Parts A and B benefits. Most Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage, while some offer extra benefits, such as dental and vision care.

Part D

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage, which people with original Medicare can purchase. Each plan has a formulary that includes medications in the commonly prescribed classes. Formularies divide the drugs into tiers that are based on the size of their copay.


Medigap is Medicare supplement insurance, which is available to a person enrolled in original Medicare. The policies cover 50–100% of Parts A and B copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Medigap is not available to people enrolled in an Advantage plan.

Learn more about Medicare here.

Cigna offer several Medicare plans, including Medicare Advantage, Part D, and Medigap plans. Details are below.

Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans

Cigna provide several Medicare Advantage plans, some of which have a $0 monthly premium. The plans are available in 18 states, including Washington, D.C., and include the following:

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans: These generally require someone to choose from in-network health providers.
  • Health Maintenance Organization Point of Service (HMO-POS) plans: These permit a person to use some out-of-network providers at a higher cost.
  • Preferred provider organization (PPF) plans: These allow someone the flexibility to select from in-network or out-of-network health providers. However, in-network providers are less costly.
  • Special needs plans (SNPs): These are only available to individuals with certain chronic diseases. They tailor benefits, medications, and provider choices to meet the particular needs of these people.

In addition to providing original Medicare (Parts A and B) benefits, Cigna Advantage plans often include prescription drug coverage. Plan perks include:

  • 24/7 telehealth services
  • free case managers to help people manage chronic diseases
  • free emotional support
  • free medication management
  • discounts on wellness services, such as acupuncture

Some plans offer extra benefits, such as:

  • one-way transportation to certain health services
  • over-the-counter drug allowance
  • vision care
  • hearing care

An additional benefit that some plans have is dental care, which comes through a Cigna partner called DentaQuest. Although some plans cover only oral exams and cleanings, others include more services, such as fillings, root canals, and dentures.

Cigna Part D Plans

A person with a Cigna Part D plan may choose from a network of preferred pharmacies. The plans cover more than 3,000 common medications, and they are available in all 50 states.

Cigna Medigap

People with a Cigna Medigap plan may choose from any provider that accepts Medicare, rather than only from in-network providers. All plans cover healthcare costs a person may encounter when traveling in the U.S., and some plans cover a portion of emergency healthcare costs incurred when outside the U.S.

The company offer Medigap Plans A, F, a high-deductible F, G, and N. The benefits and costs vary among the plans, so people can choose one that best suits their needs.

A person with an Advantage plan must pay the Medicare Part B monthly premium of $148.50. Another cost is the Advantage plan’s monthly premium, which ranges from $0 to more than $100 for Cigna Advantage plans. Other costs include copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. The plans also have an annual limit on healthcare costs.

A person can compare Cigna Medicare Advantage plans, including the ones shown in table below, by using this online search tool and entering the relevant zip code.

CityPlan nameMonthly premiumPrimary care doctor visit copaySpecialist visit copayInpatient hospitalization copayAnnual out-of-pocket limit
Oklahoma City, OK
Zip: 73008
Cigna True Choice Medicare (PPO)$0$0 (in-network)$35 (in-network)$275 per day for days 1–5
$0 for days 6–90 (in-network)
Charlotte, NC
Zip: 28105
Cigna Fundamental Medicare (HMO)$0$0$20$285 per day for days 1–6
$0 for days 7–90
Phoenix, AZCigna Achieve Medicare (HMO C-SNP)$0$0$20$225 per day for days 1–7
$0 for days 8–90

Part D also has various costs. The chart below shows some Cigna Part D plan types and costs in several cities.

A person can compare Cigna Part D plans, including the ones shown in table below, by using this online search tool and entering the relevant zip code.

CityPlan nameMonthly premiumDeductiblesCost sharing
Hartford, CT
Zip: 06101
Cigna Secure Essential Rx$24$0 for Tier 1 and 2
$445 for Tier 3
$0 for Tier 1
$2 for Tier 2
18% for Tier 3
New OrleansCigna Secure Rx$29.60$0 for Tiers 1 and 2
$445 for Tier 3
$1 for Tier 1
$2 for Tier 2
$30 for Tier 3
DenverCigna Secure Extra Rx$49.70$0 for Tiers 1, 2, and 3$4 for Tier 1
$10 for Tier 2
$42 for Tier 3

Other than a monthly premium, Cigna Medigap plans have no additional costs. Premiums can vary from around $50 to several hundred dollars per month.

Cigna offer standalone dental plans for people enrolled in Medicare and without dental coverage. The plans are also available to individuals without Medicare.

Coverage includes free preventive care, including a dental exam, cleaning, and routine X-rays every 6 months at no charge.

Cigna has three dental plans, ranging in basic monthly costs from $19–35:

  • The Cigna Dental Preventive plan has a monthly premium of $19 and covers basic dental care with no deductible.
  • The Cigna Dental 1000 plan has a monthly premium of $30, covering up to $1,000 of restorative care after the coinsurance and deductible.
  • The Cigna Dental 1500 has a monthly premium of $35 and covers up to $1,000 of orthodontic care and $1,500 of restorative care after the coinsurance and deductible.

To contact Cigna, call 1-800-997-1654. A person living with deafness may call 711. The Cigna website has search tools that allow people to enter their zip code and view plans in their area.

The online Medicare search tool also helps a person search and compare Advantage, Part D, and Medigap plans.

All the Cigna Advantage plans that include dental benefits offer coverage for oral exams and cleanings. Some plans also cover fillings, root canals, and dentures.

In addition to Advantage plans, Cigna offer other policies, such as Medicare Part D, Medigap, non-Medicare health plans, and a standalone dental policy. Monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs vary between these health plans.