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Premature ejaculation (PE) is typically when a person with a penis ejaculates within 1 minute of sexual activity. Various condoms claim to benefit individuals with PE or those who want to last longer during sex.

This article lists some of the top condoms on the market for lasting longer and PE. We compare the different products, discuss alternatives, and answer frequently asked questions.

Quick look

Long-lasting condoms delay ejaculation, prolong intercourse, and lengthen stimulation by providing desensitization.

They do this in a few different ways. For example, while most brands market their condoms for the thin barrier and maximum-feel experience, a thicker barrier may reduce stimulation and delay ejaculation.

Many condoms for PE and lasting longer are thicker than standard condoms and can help prevent overstimulation.

Some condoms contain an anesthetic ingredient, such as benzocaine or lidocaine, which some over-the-counter (OTC) medications include for pain relief.

Benzocaine and lidocaine are common ingredients in wipes and sprays for PE.

A 2017 review states that ingredients such as benzocaine or lidocaine can temporarily desensitize the penile nerves, which may help delay ejaculation.

Selecting a suitable desensitizing condom depends on several factors:

  • Material: Some individuals may be allergic to latex, the most common material for condoms. They may opt for non-latex alternatives, such as polyisoprene condoms. Learn about latex condom allergies here.
  • Safety: Some PE condoms include active ingredients such as benzocaine. However, topical anesthetics may have side effects for some individuals. For example, while benzocaine is , persons with a history of decreased lung function should avoid it. Some people are also allergic to it.
  • Size: Condoms come in different sizes, which may affect comfort and useability. It is important to find a condom that fits correctly. Learn how to find the right condom size here.
  • Thickness: Some people may prefer thicker condoms to topical anesthetics. A 2016 study shows that thick condoms are also useful for lasting longer. However, one downside of these is that they can reduce sensitivity, which lowers pleasure.
  • Texture: Some people may prefer a textured exterior to increase satisfaction for their partners.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Durex Performax Intense

Best condoms with benzocaine

  • Price: around $14.97
  • Amount: 24 condoms
  • Material: latex

These latex condoms contain 5% benzocaine to desensitize the penis and delay ejaculation.

The outside layer features ribs and dots to stimulate a sexual partner.

All Durex condoms are electronically tested to ensure they are safe and contain no tears.

Trojan Extended Pleasure

Best condoms with lubrication

  • Price: around $10.99
  • Amount: 12
  • Material: latex

These condoms contain benzocaine to desensitize the penis and prolong sexual activity.

They contain a lubricant on the outside to increase moisture for a partner.

Each Trojan condom is electronically tested for reliability and safety.

Durex Mutual Climax

Best for mutual pleasure

  • Price: around $28.95
  • Amount: 20 condoms
  • Material: latex

These rubber latex condoms may help people last longer while enhancing partner satisfaction.

On the inside, they contain 5% benzocaine to delay ejaculation.

The dots and ribs on the outside may stimulate a partner.

LifeStyles Extra Strength

Best thick condoms

  • Price: around $11.95
  • Amount: 36 condoms
  • Material: latex

LifeStyles markets these condoms with an extra thick barrier and lubrication.

They do not contain active ingredients or anesthetics for desensitization. This may make them suitable for people sensitive to ingredients such as benzocaine or lidocaine.

The 90 microns (µm) thickness, compared to the standard 70 µm, may help prevent overstimulation and reduce sensitivity.

Pasante Delay Infinity

Best condoms with lidocaine

  • Price: around $8.95
  • Amount: 12 condoms
  • Material: latex

Pasante produces condoms in large packs. They may be more affordable than other popular brands when purchasing in larger quantities.

These latex condoms are transparent with a smooth finish and contain 1% lidocaine hydrochloride.

All Pasante condoms are electronically tested and certified by the Conformité Européenne (CE).

Individuals wanting cheaper condoms or with an allergy reaction to benzocaine may prefer these condoms.

Erotim Long Love

Best variety of condoms

  • Price: $85
  • Amount: 96 condoms
  • Material: latex

Erotim produces condoms in Germany, which are electronically tested and meet international quality standards.

These condoms contain 7% benzocaine.

One advantage over the other brands is that there are various types available.

The four options are:

  • normal
  • studded
  • special xxl — 54-millimeter width
  • studded and ribbed

These condoms are in gold aluminum compound packaging.

SKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms Variety Pack

Best latex-free condoms

  • Price: around $17.99
  • Amount: 24 condoms
  • Material: polyisoprene

SKYN produces non-latex polyisoprene condoms. This material could be a suitable alternative for those individuals or partners allergic to latex.

The company states that the condoms feel soft. It claims that individuals should feel as if they are not wearing anything.

Interestingly, some buyers say that even though these condoms feel great, they make them last longer. Some of the top commentators say that they love these despite not liking condoms in general.

This variety pack contains:

  • 10 from the original line
  • six extra-studded condoms
  • eight condoms with extra lube

Here is how these products compare to each other:

Durex Performax IntenseTrojan Extended PleasureDurex Mutual ClimaxLifeStyles Extra StrengthPasante Delay InfinityErotim Long LoveSKYN Selection Non-Latex Condoms Variety Pack
Length7.7 in6.7–7.5 in7.7 in7.9 in7.5 in7.68 in7.096 in
Base width2.2 in2.09 in2.2 in2.05 in2.1 in2.09– 2.23 in2.09 in
Thickness70 µm70 µm70 µm90 µm70 µm70 µm63 µm
Ribs, dots, or studsyesnoyesnonoavailableavailable
% benzocaine5%4%5%0%0%7%0%
% lidocaine0%0%0%0%1%0%0%
Total price$14.97$10.99$28.95$11.95$8.95$85$17.99
Price per condom$0.62$0.92$1.45$0.33$0.75$0.89$0.75

People with PE or who want to last longer have more options than specialized condoms.

Some alternatives include:

  • OTC treatments: Various wipes, sprays, and creams deliver topical anesthesia to the glans penis or nerves around the genitals. They usually contain active ingredients such as benzocaine or lidocaine. A 2017 study shows that the topical OTC medication Foracin Spray effectively delays ejaculation time.
  • Medication: This study shows that some prescription medications help treat or reduce premature ejaculation. They include certain antidepressants, such as citalopram, and erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, such as Viagra.
  • Exercise: Some exercises can also help treat or lower the effects of PE over time. These include pelvic floor exercises, known as kegels or the start-stop squeeze technique. One study shows that kegel exercises may effectively treat ED and PE.

Learn more about other PE treatment here.

Individuals with PE may consider consulting a doctor if:

  • using desensitizing condoms does not help lengthen their sexual activity
  • they suspect they are allergic to benzocaine or lidocaine
  • using desensitizing condoms prevents them from achieving ejaculation
  • they want to pursue other options for treating PE
  • they do not want to use a condom

Here are answers to some common questions about PE condoms.

Who are desensitizing condoms best for?

Desensitizing condoms may suit people who want to last longer during sexual activity. This includes people with PE who want to delay ejaculation.

Such individuals may benefit from desensitizing or thick condoms to reduce sensitivity and prevent overstimulation.

Do thick condoms help people last longer?

A 2016 study shows that thick condoms may help delay ejaculation. However, one downside is that they can reduce sensitivity too much for some people.

Are there any alternatives to condoms for premature ejaculation?

Some people do not want to use condoms because they do not like the feel or may be allergic to the materials.

However, there are other options. These include sprays, wipes, OTC treatments, medications, and kegel exercises.

Desensitizing condoms may help people last longer during sexual activity. They do this either with a thicker material or a local anesthetic ingredient inside the condom. This reduces stimulation and delays ejaculation.

Some condoms have extra lubrication on the outside and friction in the form of ribs, dots, or studs that can enhance sexual pleasure for the partner. This can help the user and their partner achieve a climax together.

However, not every condom will work for everyone. Some may find them too desensitizing, and others may wish to explore alternatives. In this case, it may be advisable for a person to discuss this with a doctor to find the right treatment.