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Benzocaine wipes, or premature ejaculation wipes, may offer an effective alternative treatment for premature ejaculation. This condition is when a male reaches orgasm before sufficient or satisfactory sexual intercourse.

While certain medications, mechanical erection devices, and surgical procedures may help reduce premature ejaculation, some people may find these options too costly or ineffective.

This article explores benzocaine wipes in more detail and how they may help treat premature ejaculation.

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Premature ejaculation is one of the most common types of sexual dysfunctions, affecting between 29–40% of males with chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

The Urology Care Foundation states that about 33% of males between 18–59 years in the United States experience premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation wipes contain low doses of benzocaine, a mild topical anesthetic. The solution on these wipes decreases skin sensitivity on the head and shaft of the penis, delaying the ejaculatory response.

In theory, benzocaine in low amounts should only reduce overstimulation without causing numbness.

Most companies that stock premature ejaculation wipes recommend wiping the penis a few minutes before engaging in sexual activity. A person should allow the area to dry first.

Other products can help treat premature ejaculation, such as gels and sprays, which may contain lidocaine or lidocaine-prilocaine. However, according to the University of Michigan Health System, benzocaine may be preferable, as it does not affect the partner’s sensation.

A 2019 study found that benzocaine wipes can be well-tolerated as the participants experienced a higher sexual satisfaction and felt they had more control over their ejaculation. The researchers also noted that the product did not affect female partners’ sensitivity.

Benzocaine wipes first became available to buy in 2017 after a study suggested that using 4% benzocaine wipes before intravaginal sex could delay ejaculation by 139–323 seconds — up to 5 minutes and 23 seconds.

The study’s funder, Veru Healthcare, is the manufacturer of the 4% benzocaine wipes — Roman Swipes.

Researchers evaluated the wipes in 21 heterosexual adult males in monogamous relationships.

The study lasted 2 months, with 15 participants using benzocaine wipes and six using placebo wipes.

The researchers compared the average intervaginal ejaculatory latency times (IELTs) between the two groups before and after wipe usage.

At the start of the study, the average IELT for all 21 participants was about 74.3 seconds.

After 2 months, the group using the 4% benzocaine wipes reported their IELTs increased by an average of 231.5 seconds, or 3 minutes and 51 seconds. Interestingly, the placebo group also reported an average IELT increase of 94.2 seconds.

While the 2017 study from Veru Healthcare suggests that benzocaine wipes may delay ejaculation longer than no treatment, it does not compare their product to other types of premature ejaculation treatments.

In a 2020 study, researchers from the Park Nicollet Sexual Medicine and Male Infertility Clinic in Minneapolis, MN, reviewed the current literature on several topical treatments for premature ejaculation.

The authors state that while the limited data suggest that topical agents, such as local anesthetics, may increase IELT, further research is needed to evaluate how well these products work and the risk for potential side effects.

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Roman Swipes

Roman is a telehealth company that produces Roman Swipes. They contain 4% benzocaine and are available without a prescription.

The company offers free 2-day shipping and free unlimited follow-ups.

The manufacturer states that people should apply the wipes to the penile areas that are sensitive and wait 5 minutes to let them dry.

According to the company, the effect of the wipes can last between 20–30 minutes, depending on how much and where individuals apply the wipes.

One box contains eight wipes, and there are two payment plans a person can choose. The quarterly plan costs $22 per month and people receive three Roman Swipes boxes every 3 months. The monthly plan is available for $27 and offers one box every month.

Hims Clockstopper Climax Delay Wipes

Hims is a telehealth company that stocks the Clockstopper Climax Delay Wipes, which are available without a prescription. The company states that the ingredient is benzocaine, but the site does not list the specifics of concentration or ingredients.

The company recommends that individuals use the wipes on the tip of their penis and then on the shaft if they think that area is sensitive. Afterward, they should let the areas dry for 5 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

Hims states that using premature ejaculation wipes with prescription medication for erectile dysfunction can be safe. However, this combination may further delay ejaculation or decrease satisfaction.

A person should consider consulting a doctor before using premature ejaculation wipes if they are taking prescription medication for erectile dysfunction.

A person can purchase the starter pack of three wipes for $19. Alternatively, they can subscribe to the 3-month plan of two packs of 12 wipes for $21.67 per month.

There is a risk of some side effects from using benzocaine wipes, including:

  • dry, flaky skin
  • itching
  • skin discoloration
  • inflammation
  • burning or stinging sensations
  • tenderness or pain

People who experience any of these symptoms should immediately wash the product off their hands and genitals.

They should also consider alternative treatments if they develop an adverse reaction to benzocaine wipes.

Below we explore some common questions about premature ejaculation wipes.

How long do benzocaine wipes last?

This depends on the brand and the amount a person uses on their penis. Some manufacturers claim that the effects can last between 20–30 minutes.

How much do premature ejaculation wipes cost?

The price can vary, starting from around $2 per wipe.

People can check if companies are offering any discounts or have a subscription plan for regular buyers to help them save money.

What other premature ejaculation treatments are available?

Different treatment options can be helpful for people with premature ejaculation, such as:

  • Self-help: The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) recommends some self-help techniques, such as using a thick condom which may help reduce sensation, or masturbating 1–2 hours before having sex. Couples may also consider attending therapy together to discuss their sexual health concerns.
  • Oral medications: People may take a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) if symptoms do not improve with self-help techniques. According to the NHS, doctors usually prescribe these medications for those who have depression. However, they can delay ejaculation.
  • Creams, gels, or sprays: These are products that a person can apply to their penis before engaging in sexual intercourse. These can delay the ejaculatory response by 3–6 minutes.
  • Planned Parenthood suggests that a person stops having sex when they feel they will ejaculate and press their penis until they feel they cannot have an orgasm. After that, they can start having sex again.

Premature ejaculation is a common type of sexual dysfunction among males. Benzocaine wipes may help reduce this condition.

Benzocaine is a mild, topical anesthetic. Low doses of the substance may help prevent overstimulation of the penis and prolong sexual intercourse.

However, benzocaine could also irritate the skin. People should stop using them if they develop dry, itchy, or inflamed skin.