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An eco-friendly mattress is a mattress that does not involve using materials or production methods that harm the environment.

This article looks at points to consider when choosing an eco-friendly mattress and some of the best options available.

MNT chooses mattresses, sheets, pillows, and other bedding that meet the following criteria:

  • Certifications: MNT will choose products that have CertiPUR-US or other certifications. This means that the products are low in pollutants and free from heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.
  • Size: MNT chooses products that are available in various sizes.
  • Materials and fill: MNT selects products made from different materials and fills, such as memory foam and latex, to suit a range of sleep and lifestyles.
  • Budget: MNT features products to suit a wide range of budgets.
  • Firmness: MNT selects mattresses that are available in a range of firmness options to suit most people’s sleeping styles.
  • Sleep trials: MNT chooses companies that offer a sleep trial.
  • Shipping: Where possible, MNT will include shipping information, such as where the company delivers to and whether shipping is free.
  • Warranties and return policies: MNT will include products that carry warranties and clear returns policies.
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The following table indicates how MNT chooses to rank/list the products within this article:

Eco certificationsSleep trialWhite glove/in-home deliveryReturnsWarrantyScore
Birch Natural4.0
Naturepedic Chorus4.0
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex4.0
My Green Natural Escape5.0
Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury5.0
Avocado Green5.0
Eco Terra Hybrid Latex4.0
Saatva Latex Hybrid5.0
WinkBeds EcoCloud4.0
Nolah Natural4.0
Spindle Organic Latex4.0

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

Medical News Today follows a strict product selection and vetting process. Learn more here.

Best environmental give-back: Birch Natural Mattress

Price: $1,349–2,099

This mattress is Greenguard Gold and GOTS certified and contains no harsh chemicals or polyurethane.

According to the product website, the Birch mattress:

  • has natural, organic GOTS certified cotton
  • has natural wool fibers for fire retardant layer
  • has 100% natural, organic wool for comfort
  • has natural Talalay latex with sustainable sourcing
  • is certified with OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and the Rainforest Alliance
  • has no emissions or VOCs
  • is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • has a 25-year warranty

According to the company, it donates 1% of all its sales to the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to support reforestation.

However, add-ons, including a plush topper, mattress protector, and 10-year accident coverage, may double the final price.

Best for children: Naturepedic Chorus Mattress

Price: $1,399–2,799

Naturepedic sells organic mattresses suitable for babies, children, and adults. It also offers vegan-friendly options.

Certifications include:

The Chorus mattress contains coil springs with organic cotton and wool comfort layers. The mattress also uses PLA, a plant-based material, and has no glue or adhesives. It also features micro coils on top of the coil springs for better cooling and pressure relief.

Naturepedic is also involved in several environmental and charitable initiatives.

Learn more about Naturepedic mattresses here.

Best for dual firmness: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

Price: $2,599–4,398

PlushBeds has a wide range of environmental certifications. According to the company, the organic latex mattress has certifications from:

The mattress is also Greenguard Gold-certified and contains:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton cover to absorb moisture and allow airflow
  • GOTS certified organic wool to regulate temperature
  • GOLS certified organic latex for comfort and pressure relief

This mattress is also antimicrobial, mold and mildew proof, and resistant to dust mites.

PlushBeds also offers scholarships to students pursuing an “eco-degree” and supports charitable organizations.

This mattress comes in medium and medium-firm options. Those looking to purchase a split mattress can also choose dual firmness. This may be ideal for couples who like a different feel.

Furthermore, people have the option to choose from three different heights.

Learn more about PlushBed mattresses here.

Best for back sleepers: My Green Mattress Natural Escape

Price: $999–2,074

According to the product website, the Natural Escape mattress is medium-firm and suitable for all sleeping styles and body types.

Features include:

  • coil springs covered with GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex
  • GOTS certified organic cotton and wool cover
  • no use of adhesives
  • 20-year warranty

My Green Mattress has a certified organic factory and also sells mattresses for children and cribs.

Learn more about My Green Mattress here.

Best return policy: Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Price: $999–2,398

Brentwood Home offers a range of sustainable mattress options. The Oceano is a medium-soft hybrid mattress. Features include:

  • CentiPUR-US certified plant-based memory foam
  • layers of sprung coils
  • plant-based Tencel cover
  • GOTS organic certified wool and cotton
  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • made in GOTS & GOLS organic certified factory

Brentwood Home also works with Relief Bed to provide mattresses to homeless people.

Brentwood’s return policy includes a full refund if an individual decides to return it in good condition, and a person can also choose to donate it to those in need without affecting their refund amount.

Learn more about Brentwood Home mattresses here.

Best for hip pain: Avocado Green Mattress

Price: $1,099–2,099

According to the company website, the Avocado Green mattress:

  • is Greenguard Gold certified
  • uses OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified materials
  • uses 100% GOLS organic and eco-INSTITUT certified latex
  • has 100% GOTS certified organic wool
  • has 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • is Made Safe certified
  • is climate-neutral certified
  • has carbon negative production and shipping
  • is green energy partner certified
  • has a 25-year limited warranty

Avocado also offers a vegan mattress and a latex mattress. Avocado is a B-certified corporation. It donates 1% of the revenue to environmental nonprofits via the 1% For The Planet organization.

Learn more about Avocado mattresses here.

Best pressure-relieving coil support: Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

Price: Between $1,609–2,259

This Eco Terra mattress features pure 100% natural latex, a coil core with fabric encasement that the company claims relieve pressure, organic cotton, and organic wool.

According to the brand, this mattress:

  • has no toxins, chemicals, or polyurethane
  • has a GOTS and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification
  • uses natural Talalay latex from sustainable farming
  • has no chemical adhesives, synthetics, or latex blends
  • comes with a 90-night sleep trial, free shipping, and free returns
  • has a 15-year limited warranty

The company promises no dips or sags because it uses a food-grade polypropylene fabric to encapsulate the steel coils. This improves airflow, support, and spinal alignment.

Eco Terra also displays the percentage of each material it uses on the product’s legal label.

Best with breathable latex: Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress

Price: Between $1,199–2,690

This mattress has five layers, which include:

  • a hand-tufted cover with hypoallergenic cotton and a botanical antimicrobial treatment
  • breathable and flame retardant organic wool with GOTS certification
  • multi-zone, 3-inch (in) layer of natural latex that is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust-mites

The latex layers also include ventilation pinholes for breathability, while a recycled steel coil layer uses individual wrapping for enhanced firmness and less motion transfer.

The materials also include organic cotton, and the latex features a GOLS certification.

The company offers a 180-night trial, free shipping, and a white-glove experience that includes setup.

Learn more about Saatva mattresses here.

Best warranty terms: WinkBeds EcoCloud

Price: Between $1,399–2,399

The EcoCloud is good for people who sleep in various positions and tend to feel hot.

It features three layers, including:

  • organic cotton and New Zealand wool
  • a 4-in Talalay latex for comfort and firmer lower-back, shoulder, and hip support
  • an innerspring the company makes from recycling steel for supporting heavier body areas
  • a support core for sleeping on the edge without sagging

Winkbeds has the following certifications:

  • Oeko-Tex standard 100
  • organic cotton
  • Rainforest Alliance

The company claims the mattress is hypoallergenic, cool, and breathable, with less motion transfer and good pushback.

This WinkBeds mattress has a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty that includes a new, replacement mattress at any time should there be a defect in the manufacturing or materials. There are no delivery charges.

Learn more about WinkBeds here.

Best for soft comfort: Nolah Natural Mattress

Price: Between $1,499–3,198

This medium Nolah Natural mattress features six layers that include:

  • an organic cotton cover
  • organic wool
  • Talalay latex comfort and support layers
  • proprietary support coils
  • organic wool and cotton foundation

The latex foam has small holes that increase airflow and reduce moisture. The material also allows cushioning of the bones and joints without sagging or sinking, as with typical memory foam.

This mattress comes with Oeko-Tex 100 standard certification and GOTS organic wool and cotton.

The company offers a 120-night trial, free shipping, and a conditional lifetime guarantee. A 10-year accident protection plan is also available for a small additional fee.

Learn more about Nolah here.

Best for customizable firmness: Spindle Organic Latex Mattress

Price: Between $1,799.99–2,599.99

This 10-in thick Spindle mattress features multiple firmness options that people can change at home to suit their needs. They do this by inserting or removing multiple layers using zippers.

All of the materials are organic with certifications, including GOTS, GOLS, and Oeko-Tex 100 Standard.

The company offers a 1-year comfort guarantee, a 10-year warranty, a 25-year comfort life program, free shipping, and free returns.

Should an individual decide this mattress is not for them, they can donate it to charity for a full refund from Spindle.

Best for a budget: Happsy Organic Mattress

Price: Between $899–1,699

The company makes this mattress from organic cotton and wool, which carry the GOTS certification. It also features certified latex for pressure point relief, and springs with pockets to increase heat transfer and reduce motion.

The underlying coil system and wool provide breathability and reduce moisture.

It also passes all flammability requirements without including any flame retardant chemicals. It has no adhesives or glues.

When purchasing, buyers get free shipping and returns, a 120-night trial, and a 20-year warranty.

They also can upgrade the mattress by adding the Happsy Organic Mattress Topper. The company states this suits everyone, especially side sleepers, as it adds an extra 2-in of soft latex for support.

Below, we look at how the mattresses in this article compare:

PriceFirmnessThicknessTrial periodWarrantyFree returns
Birch Natural$1,349–2,099medium11 in100 nights25 year limitedyes
Naturepedic Chorus$1,199–2,499medium10 in90 nights10 year limitedyes
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex$2,599–4,398medium, medium-firm9 in, 10 in, 12 in100 nights25 yearsyes
My Green Natural Escape$999–2,074medium-firm11 in120 nights20 yearsyes
Brentwood Home Oceano Luxury Hybrid$999–2,398medium-soft14 in1 year25 year limitedyes
Avocado Green$1,099–2,099medium-firm11 in1 year25 yearsyes
Eco Terra Hybrid Latex$1,609 –2,259medium, medium-firm11 in90 nights15 year limitedyes
Saatva Latex Hybrid$1,199 –2,690firm12 in180 nights15 yearsno
WinkBeds EcoCloud$1,399 –2,399medium12.5 in120 nightslifetimeyes
Nolah Natural$1,499–3,198luxury firm11 in120 nightsconditional lifetimeno
Spindle Organic Latex$1,799.99–2,599.99medium-firm10 in1 year10 yearsyes
Happsy$899–1,699medium10 in120 nights20 yearsyes

All brands offer free shipping.

There are many mattresses on the market that feature environmentally friendly certifications and materials. However, not every mattress suits everyone. Here are some indications that can help people choose:

  • Cost: Some of these products can be very expensive and may not suit those on a tight budget. However, people should also consider that many companies consistently have discounts and promotional campaigns that may offer these at a lower cost.
  • Warranty and returns: Choosing a healthy mattress with the right materials is great, but so is having an extended warranty period and hassle-free returns. Some companies on this list even offer a full refund or replacement during the entire warranty period, unlike others with conditional limitations.
  • Materials and certifications: Naturally, those looking for an eco-friendly mattress should ensure that all the layers align to this standard. Ideally, the mattress and company should have the necessary certifications, such as GOTS, to guarantee the material’s quality and source.
  • Firmness: Some of the mattresses below have a softer feel, yet others are firmer and may provide more support while potentially being more rigid. Individuals should choose a mattress with the firmness they think is best for them, starting from a medium-firm scale.

To choose a genuinely eco-friendly mattress, people can avoid:

  • greenwashing, which means a company uses inaccurate claims about their products’ environmental impact, meaning they may use terms, such as “eco,” “natural,” and “green,” to imply an eco-friendly brand without needing any evidence to back them up
  • polyurethane, which may contain harmful VOCs and toxic flame retardants
  • products with first-party certifications, which means the company certified themselves as eco-friendly

Materials and all aspects of the production, delivery, and life-cycle of the mattress have an environmental impact. An eco-friendly mattress is one that is not harmful to the environment.

Although there are no scientific or governmental guidelines for making a mattress eco-friendly, independent organizations provide certifications with thorough testing and regulations.

People can look for the following certifications when choosing an eco-friendly mattress:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): Products must contain 70-95% organic fibers, and production methods must meet specific environmental and social criteria.
  • Greenguard: The product has met third-party rigorous chemical emissions standards.
    • Greenguard Gold: Meets additional health-based criteria and requires a lower amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions than a standard Greenguard certification.
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Ensures a textile product does not contain any substances that are harmful to human health.
  • CertiPUR-US: Foam must not contain certain harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and VOC emissions must be less than 0.5 parts per million.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS): The product must contain over 95% certified organic raw latex from certified organic plantations.
  • eco-INSTITUT: The product has undergone testing to meet higher safety levels than is legally required for low emissions and pollution control.
  • Made Safe: Screens products for any toxic chemicals.
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People can look for mattresses that use natural, organic fibers and materials. Manufacturers or growers of non-organic materials may have used pesticides, which can be toxic to the environment.

Pesticides have a severe impact on the environment by contaminating ecosystems, polluting waterways, and endangering many animals species.

Investing in a longer-lasting mattress may help to minimize waste. A mattress that uses durable materials may last longer and avoid sagging. According to the Mattress Recycling Council, people discard over 50,000 mattresses in the United States every day.

Natural latex has better durability than foam containing petroleum and is very resistant to dust mites and mold.

People can also look at the company’s social responsibility to see if they are taking other steps to protect the environment. Some companies may support charities or give back to the community in some way.

Eco-friendly mattresses may provide greater health benefits.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), mattresses that contain conventional materials, such as polyurethane, vinyl, PVC, and chemical flame retardants, may be harmful. These substances have a link to:

  • respiratory problems
  • cancer
  • hormone disruption
  • adversely affecting the immune system
  • damaging developing reproductive systems

Polyurethane and synthetic latex foam may emit VOCs. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), VOCs may cause:

  • headaches
  • irritation of eyes, nose, and throat
  • liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage

Crib and children’s mattresses may emit high VOC levels, which may cause significant health issues as infants sleep for a long time.

Chemical flame retardants may lead to a wide range of severe health problems, including cancer, hormone disruption, and impaired neurological development.

Here are some common questions about eco-friendly mattresses.

What should I look for in an eco-friendly mattress?

Some of the things to look for include organic certifications, such as GOTS or GOLS. These are standards that eco-friendly mattress companies look to adhere to as they can prove their claims. However, some mattresses contain a mix of organic and inorganic materials.

Individuals should look for zero toxic elements, glues, adhesives, and flame retardant chemicals.

What is the healthiest mattress to buy?

The healthiest mattress is the one that provides enough firmness, support, and comfort. Eco-friendly certifications and organic materials can certainly help, but it all depends on the individual’s needs. People should prioritize their quality of sleep, including overall body support and a cool temperature, alongside the quality of the materials for better health.

Choosing an eco-friendly mattress can help prevent harm to the environment, reduce waste, and may offer other health benefits.

People can choose an eco-friendly mattress by looking for organic, natural materials, third-party certifications, and the company’s environmental practices.