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Horizon Fitness sell a range of treadmills alongside other exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes and elliptical machines.

Their products might be a good option for people looking to spend a limited amount on exercise equipment.

This article discusses the Horizon brand and the treadmill products they offer. It also covers the health benefits and risks of using treadmills and lists some alternative equipment that people may wish to consider.

Horizon Fitness manufacture treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bicycles. The Taiwan-based company Johnson Health Tech are their parent company.

Equipment from Horizon Fitness may suit both beginners and experienced athletes. The company’s products are usually lower cost than exercise equipment from other brands.

One key difference between a Horizon treadmill and other options involves interactive and streaming training programs. While companies such as Peloton and NordicTrack offer branded online classes and personal training, Horizon do not.

Instead, Horizon treadmills allow users to connect with whatever training applications they prefer. This feature gives users the chance to select the trainers or classes that meet their needs. It also lowers the price of their equipment relative to other options on the market.

On the Horizon Fitness website, user reviews praise how quickly a Horizon treadmill can change speed and level of incline, which is very useful when doing interval training. Negative reviews usually concern shipping, customer service, and connecting with training apps.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based.

There are two divisions of Horizon treadmills: the Go Series and the Studio Series. While each Horizon treadmill has specific features, they also have some characteristics in common.

All Horizon treadmills are foldable. The running area of each Horizon treadmill features a three-zone variable cushioning system, which provides different levels of support and absorption for the areas where runners push off, transition, and land.

Horizon offer lifetime warranties on the frames and motors for all of their treadmills.

Horizon Go Series

The company say that the Horizon Go Series features a range of low cost treadmills that “make it easy to get on and go.” Models include:


The company claim that the T101 is the best-selling Horizon treadmill. Geared to the entry level exerciser, it has the lowest price of all Horizon treadmill models. It includes Bluetooth connectivity, a 2.5-CHP motor, and a 55-inch running deck.

The T101 treadmill is available to purchase online.


The T303 has a 60-inch running deck and a 3.0-CHP motor. These higher spec features mean that the treadmill model has a higher price point than the T101. It also offers advanced Bluetooth connectivity and custom interval keys.

The T303 treadmill is available to purchase online.

Horizon Studio Series

Horizon have designed their Studio Series for users interested in doing interval training and streaming cardiovascular exercise classes.

Each Horizon treadmill in this series uses the Johnson Digital Drive System, which the company say responds 33% faster to changes in speed and incline. The series includes:

7.0 AT

Horizon claim that this treadmill is built with a rugged frame to enhance performance. It comes with advanced Bluetooth connectivity, integrated speakers, and a 3.0-CHP motor. The company also state that the QuickDial controls and interval keys work well with training apps and streaming fitness classes.

The 7.0 AT treadmill is available for purchase online.

7.4 AT

This model also offers key features from the 7.0 version, including the advanced Bluetooth connectivity and integrated speakers. It also has a 3.5-CHP motor and an expanded running surface that can enable tougher workouts. The company call this product a “performance” treadmill.

The 7.4 AT treadmill is available for purchase online.

7.8 AT

Horizon call this the “ultimate runner’s treadmill.” It offers more features than other Studio Series models, including a Bluetooth chest strap, a 4.0-CHP motor, convenient media controls, and a clear view of data.

The 7.8 AT treadmill is available for purchase online.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that adults get 150–300 minutes of moderate activity, such as brisk walking, every week. For more vigorous activity, such as running, the recommendation is 75–150 minutes.

The guidelines note that regular physical activity may help reduce the risk of all-cause mortality and the following health conditions, among others:

Some research suggests that regular jogging may increase overall lifespan.

It is important to note that the benefits of running outdoors may differ from the benefits of using a treadmill. Also, excessive running will not increase the health benefits. Running safely and regularly is more important.

One of the most important health benefits of treadmills is that they make it easier for people to exercise regularly.

Learn more about the health benefits of running here.

People with injuries or joint problems should refrain from using treadmills to avoid worsening symptoms. Other risks associated with treadmill use include:

  • tripping or falling while running or walking
  • working out too vigorously for an individual’s ability or state of health
  • sustaining injuries due to poor form on the treadmill

People should warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Those new to using treadmills should start on low level settings before gradually increasing the speed, incline, and duration to suit their ability level.

Learn about the best stretches for runners here.

Other types of home gym equipment can offer similar benefits to treadmills. Alternative options include:

  • Stationary bikes: These bikes are common in public gyms, but many companies, including Horizon, offer models for use at home. These can suit beginners and experts. Learn more about exercise bikes here.
  • Elliptical trainers: The workout that these machines provide is similar to running, but it is low impact and, therefore, usually easier on the joints. Some machines include an upper body component, too.
  • Rowing machines: These machines provide a low impact, aerobic, full body workout, strengthening the legs, core, and upper body. Learn more about rowing machines here.
  • Fitness mirrors: This more expensive equipment may look like a mirror, but it is a screen that can show live and on-demand workouts for those interested in cardio, boxing, yoga, strength training, and more. A subscription is necessary to access this workout content. Learn about the Mirror home gym by Lululemon here.

Horizon Fitness manufacture a range of treadmills and other types of exercise equipment for home use.

The company’s treadmills can meet the needs of people at all stages of their fitness journey, including those just beginning to exercise at home and experienced athletes.

The company’s products tend to be more modest in price than those of their competitors.