Phallosan Forte is a penis enlargement device. The makers claim that it can increase both length and girth.

The product has generally positive customer reviews. The company’s website cites Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, but the FDA does not currently confirm this on its own site.

According to 2020 research, most people looking to change the length of their penises have a length that falls within the common range of 5.1–5.5 inches.

Using a product such as Phallosan Forte may help a person feel more comfortable with their penis size.

This penis extender employs penile traction therapy (PTT) to permanently extend length and girth, the makers say. They also claim that their product may promote more lasting erections.

The manufacturer says that PTT works by encouraging new cell growth and promoting extension.

Phallosan Forte may be suitable for a person who wants to increase the length and girth of their penis.

The company claims that this device may benefit people with penile curvature from Peyronie’s disease. Preliminary research suggests that PTT can help lengthen and straighten penises affected by this condition.

Trustpilot gives Phallosan Forte a 2.4 out of 5 star rating, based on 16 customer reviews. Less favorable reviews mention poor customer care, not receiving the product, and no noticeable results.

The company does not have a profile on the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and neither does the manufacturer, Swiss Sana AG.

Below, we look at some of Phallosan Forte’s pros and cons.


  • drug-free
  • allergy-free, medical-grade materials
  • a money-back guarantee
  • can be worn under clothes
  • may promote comfort with penis size


  • limited supporting scientific data
  • may cause irritation
  • risk of blisters or inflammation from the pressure
  • may worsen Peyronie’s disease symptoms
  • device must be worn several hours a day
  • only available for purchase online
  • more costly than similar products
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Many online reviewers, and the makers themselves, acknowledge that using the product may seem complicated at first. Here are the steps:

  1. A person wraps their penis in the template.
  2. They place the protector cap over the head of their penis.
  3. They insert their penis into the suction bell using the suction bulb.
  4. They put the sealing condom over the shaft.
  5. They remove the suction bulb and attach the suction bell to the belt clip.
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The company recommends wearing Phallosan Forte 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Other sites recommend wearing it for at least 8 hours a day.

Phallosan Forte is available for purchase online for $379.

The makers of Phallosan Forte say that it relies on PTT technology. Research is limited, but some studies show that PTT may lengthen and straighten penises affected by Peyronie’s disease.

The makers also claim that the more a person wears Phallosan Forte, the greater the increase in penis length.

Finally, they claim, as do several online reviewers, that Phallosan Forte is FDA-approved, but the FDA’s website does not confirm this.

Research shows that some people with penises of an average size are dissatisfied with it. Some medical names for the anxiety that this can cause are small penis syndrome (SPS) and small penis anxiety. It can lead to:

  • low self-esteem
  • sexual inhibition
  • avoidance behavior
  • safety-seeking behavior

Learn more about SPS here.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine has reviewed several of the studies that have assessed the efficacy of PTT for people with Peyronie’s disease, and they conclude that the technique is generally safe.

However, it is important to note that the number of these studies is limited.

The researchers reported mild side effects, including:

  • discomfort
  • numbness in the head of the penis, the glans
  • discoloration of the skin skin
  • mild pain and swelling

In a different investigation, researchers compared the effects of five PTT devices on signs of Peyronie’s disease. The participants generally tolerated the devices well, though the participants wore the devices for different periods, and the extent of compliance with the treatments varied.

Other researchers found a small number of minimally adverse effects, such as bruising, associated with PTT.

Makers of these devices typically advise people to start slowly, in terms of how much traction to use and how long to wear the device. After a person becomes accustomed to the device, they might wear it for longer and use more traction. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Aside from PTT, a person looking to increase their penis size might try:

  • Natural remedies: Various lotions, vitamins, herbs, minerals, and hormones claim to increase penis size. However, there is currently no evidence that they work.
  • Pumps and vacuum devices: These draw blood into the penis, which may help treat erectile dysfunction, but they do not permanently change penis size.
  • Surgery: This is an expensive option. Surgery can increase girth or length, but there is a risk of complications and a change in the angle of the erect penis

Competitors that sell other PTT devices include:

Below, we compare Phallosan Forte with similar devices on the market.

Phallosan ForteSize GeneticsQuick Extender ProJES ExtenderMale Edge Pro
Extensionsuction bellloopthree loopslooploop
Supportbeltroddouble straprods and ringsrods and straps
Comfort Levelhighly ratedthe value edition may not include comfort extrasdouble strap system distributes load for less strainrated comfortableaccessories for increased comfort
Ease of usecan be tricky at firstcan be tricky at first simple to put oninstructional video available and no need to dismantle the device after each use, according to the websitewebsite includes an instructional video in 6 languages

Anyone who feels uncomfortable or distressed about their penis size should consult a healthcare professional, particularly if these feelings interfere with their daily life or make it difficult to enjoy sexual intimacy, for example.

If a mechanical extender may have caused any damage, contact a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Anxiety about penis size is common, even among people with average sizes. This anxiety can interfere with self-esteem, social and sexual activity, and general mental health.

There is little scientific data to support most products’ claims about increasing penis size. But some research suggests that PTT may lengthen and straighten penises affected by Peyronie’s disease.

The makers of Phallosan Forte say that it uses PTT to increase both length and girth, but independent research does not support these claims.