Men are often reluctant to seek health-related help, according to the age-old stereotype. And whether that long-standing typecast is true or false, blogs are promoting male healthcare measures that are a must-read if you are determined to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals.

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Men’s health blogs can be useful sources of advice on fitness and diet-related issues as well as preventative measures against disease.

Some health complications, including erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer, are unique to men, while other health issues are more likely in men than women, such as lung cancer, coronary heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and HIV infection.

In a snapshot of men’s health in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 12.4 percent of adult males are in fair or poor health, 55.6 percent meet aerobic physical activity guidelines, and 17.8 percent currently smoke cigarettes. Furthermore, 32.6 percent of adult men have high blood pressure, and 34.5 percent are obese.

Men’s health blogs can provide advice on anything from nutrition and exercise to managing stress and preventing disease, and they can ultimately help you to make healthier decisions regarding your health and wellness. Medical News Today have selected the 10 best sites in the men’s health blogosphere.

Men’s Health magazine is a clear choice in the men’s health blog arena. They are the world’s largest magazine brand for men, appearing in 61 countries around the globe.

The site is aimed at active individuals who want to achieve a greater level of control of their physical, mental, and emotional lives. Men’s Health covers everything from health and diet to fashion and grooming, as well as recent updates on cutting-edge technology and entertainment.

Health articles include the risk involved with being an older first-time father, signs that your burping habits are anything but normal, and tips from cancer experts revealing how they try to avoid the disease.

Visit the Men’s Health blog.

Verywell say to consider them as a friend who is also a doctor, personal trainer, and dietitian. They provide reliable and easy-to-understand information on health and wellness topics galore.

Verywell pride themselves on guiding you on the path to better health with content written by doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals and vetted by board-certified physicians.

The men’s health blog focuses on helping you to live a long and high-quality life, with articles such as heart healthy tips to keep your ticker ticking, when you should be worried about a nosebleed, and common causes of excessive hair loss.

Visit the Verywell Men’s Health blog.

Mark Sisson founded Mark’s Daily Apple in 2006 to help to empower people to take responsibility for their health and life enjoyment by critically rethinking their health and wellness assumptions.

Mark’s Daily Apple is not only a hub of health information but also a virtual community full of comments and success stories from the blog’s readers. Regardless of your fitness philosophy and diet, Mark says that there is something for everyone on the blog.

Recent posts on the blog include how to find mental strength when trying to cope with illness and injury, whether Primal and CrossFit are compatible and enable elite performance, and why male fertility and testosterone levels are decreasing.

Visit the Mark’s Daily Apple blog.

Marco, Shane, and Jared created Bony to Beastly for skinny guys looking to muscle up. While most sites are centered on eating less, their blog applies to the 3 percent of the population that are trying to gain weight.

Even if you have failed in the past, Bony to Beastly are on a mission to help you to build muscle and increase weight. Their repeatable system reportedly works for every skinny guy regardless of genetics, eating habit, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle.

The blog is full of interesting reads and cool graphics in posts such as how to build broader shoulders when you have a thinner bone structure build, how to bolster your upper back, and how to overcome your skinny body image issues.

Visit the Bony to Beastly blog.

Born Fitness is a product that resulted from the frustration of enough conflicting ideas and empty promises to fill all the bookshelves in your home, according to its founder Adam Bornstein.

Adam noticed that with all the technological advances worldwide, people were becoming less healthy and more confused. Born Fitness was started with a vision to simplify health and fitness messages, make health inclusive for everyone, and provide steps to a better life.

The blog concentrates on fitness, motivation, nutrition, and recipes with posts including how to make every exercise more effective, how to regain lost motivation, what fats are best for your health, and how to make cinnamon apple yogurt parfait with protein granola.

Visit the Born Fitness blog.

Tony Gentilcore is one of the three founders of Cressey Sports Performance. In 2015, he decided to venture out on his own and developed CORE in Brookline, MA, where he now coaches in strength training.

For over a decade, Tony has helped hundreds of people to perform better, feel better, and live better lives. He takes into account a client’s status and injury history and keeps in mind that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

Latest posts on his blog include how to get strong by training for 2 to 3 days per week, why you should be doing the offset shouldering squat, the costs and benefits of healthy living, and why rest periods are important between training sets.

Visit the Tony Gentilcore blog.

Dai Manuel is a lifestyle mentor and nutrition and fitness coach empowering individuals to lead a “‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community.”

Dai is passionate about engaging and challenging people to live healthy and more active lifestyles. He is committed to offering inspiration, equipment, and training to the young and old, as well as specifically supporting families so that childhood obesity is no longer an issue.

New articles on the blog include the best ways to get rid of stress and body fat, why coconut oil is the best thing since sliced bread, health-related truths that we hate to admit are true, and steps to maintaining energy levels when working out.

Visit the Dai Manuel blog.

Dr. Paul Turek is the founder of The Turek Clinics. He is an internationally recognized thought leader in men’s sexual and reproductive healthcare and research.

The Turek Clinics provide cutting-edge care and knowledge to help to treat male fertility problems. Dr. Turek has pioneered or popularized techniques such as sperm mapping, sperm retrieval, vasectomy, and vasectomy reversal.

Dr. Turek’s blog covers topics such as “manopause” and the male biological clock, the truth about a man’s veru, how taking care of yourself is the best investment in your own life and your family’s lives, and how long-term connections with your doctor could save your life.

Visit The Turek Clinics’ blog.

Jason Crandell is a yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience. Named as “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga,” by Yoga Journal, Jason’s classes integrate elements of power yoga, mindfulness teachings, and anatomical precision.

Jason’s workouts are designed to challenge without producing burnout. He has found that combining power, precision, and mindfulness creates an efficient and balanced class with maximum impact.

The Jason Crandell Yoga Method blog provides step-by-step information on poses and useful tips in posts such as a sequence to help you to build up to Warrior III pose, creative ways to inspire your yoga practice, and Jason’s favorite yoga poses and why he loves them.

Visit the Jason Crandell Yoga Method blog.

Talking About Men’s Health was founded in 2007 as an information and discussion platform targeted at providing men and boys with health awareness messages and tools, educational material, screening programs, and patient navigation.

The blog boasts a knowledgeable panel of healthcare professionals and experts that provide educational material on growing up, family issues, topics ranging from eye health to testicular health and everything in-between, and mental health matters.

Recent posts include heart health tips and how to recognize a heart emergency, natural ways to get your gut back on track, preventative tests you need throughout life, and how men can balance their hormones with exercise and diet.

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