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Online couples therapy or counseling typically provides couples with support from a licensed therapist. Session topics may include helping with building communication skills and highlighting relationship goals. Plus, read our hands-on reviews.

Below, we look at some couples counseling services to consider.

Medical News Today has tested some of the services below. Reviewers may have received access to the services from the providers for free, which does not influence their review. All opinions are the reviewers’ own. Some reviewers may remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of these services.

The below table shows an at-a-glance comparison of the services in this article.

PriceLicensed therapists?Platforms
Regain$60 to $90 per weekyes• text messages
• telephone call
• video call
BetterHelp$60 to $90 per weekyes• telephone call
• text messages
• video call
• live chat
Talkspace•starting at $436 per month
$65 for optional live sessions
yes• text messages via their platform
• video call
Modern Intimacyrates vary depending on therapistsyes, but also coaches who are not licensed therapiststeletherapy
Mindful Care$150 to $175 for initial evaluation
$50 to $100 for ongoing sessions
yesonline or in-person
Little Otter$90 for the Welcome Session
$540 for the Assessment bundle
$2,040 for 12-session bundle
$200 for a standard therapy session
$500 for a Psychiatry evaluation
$250 for a Psychiatry follow-up
yes• virtual sessions
• text messages
Gottman Referral Networkrates vary depending on therapistsyesplatform varies depending on therapist
Growing Self$65 to $160 per 45-minute session, depending on therapistyes• online
• in-person, in Denver, Colorado

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  • Trust: MNTincludes companies that operate transparently regarding their products, services, and leadership. Also, where relevant, MNT selects companies with certifications from reputable, third-party organizations.
  • Business standards: MNT will choose companies that follow safe and ethical business and marketing practices.
  • Reputation: MNT will choose companies without warnings from governing bodies or unresolved lawsuits.
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Couples experiencing relationship difficulties can speak with a licensed therapist who can use a range of techniques to explore any miscommunication, feelings of disconnection, or external stressors.

If a person in a couple feels they may benefit from talking therapy, multiple options are available. These include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Gottman Method couples therapy
  • emotionally focused therapy (EFT) for couples

A 2020 study on CBT for couples found it effective for dealing with relationship quality and marital social skills. Studies on both Gottman and EFT have shown positive effects and improved marital status.

Online therapy is increasing in popularity, particularly in recent years. A 2019 study concludes it to be easier for people to access and less expensive than traditional therapy. However, there are still challenges when moving from traditional services.

A couple may consider some of the following factors when looking for online therapy:

Therapy style

A couple can research different therapeutic styles to best suit their needs. They can then specify this when searching for therapists. Some common couple therapy techniques include:

  • EFT
  • discernment counseling
  • Gottman Method couples therapy
  • relational psychotherapy

Considering needs

Individuals may find it helpful to consider their specific needs. For example, if a couple requires specific help with gender identity, sexual orientation, or monogamy, seeking a therapist with experience in those areas would provide benefit.

Additional considerations may include:

  • whether or not the therapist holds a valid license
  • whether the therapist works with clear action plans
  • whether the therapist provides work to do outside of sessions

Cost and convenience

A couple looking for online therapy should consider their budget and whether or not the sessions are flexible and suit their schedule.

Below are some common questions relating to online couples therapy.

A 2021 study found that some forms of internet-based therapy provided results similar to in-person treatment. However, due to the ongoing growth of this field, further studies are necessary.

Couples should attend therapy together. However, there are options to speak to therapists separately on some platforms.

This is dependent on the insurance company and the therapy service. A person should speak with their plan provider to confirm benefits.

Yes. Some online therapy services specialize in LGBTQIA+ therapy, including:

Regain is an online therapy platform that specializes in couples therapy. The company matches an individual or a couple with one of its thousands of licensed therapists and assigns them a private online therapy “room” that is always open.

People use this room to message their therapist, schedule live therapy sessions, “meet” with their therapists, message their therapists, and complete worksheets to further their treatment goals.

Regain therapists offer live, scheduled therapy sessions through video, phone, and live chat options. A person can obtain treatment as an individual or as part of a couple. Participants can join from different locations and choose to remain anonymous.

Reviews of the scientific literature show that couples therapy can help people deal with relationship problems. Research shows the average person feels better after treatment than 70–80% of people who do not receive treatment.

Data shows that CBT, integrative behavioral couple therapy, and EFT for couples can all be effective. Behavioral and nonbehavioral approaches seem to be equally effective. Couples should consider their personal preferences when selecting a form of treatment.

Online couples therapy can be an affordable alternative to traditional, in-person therapy, and many companies offer convenient and reliable services.

Evidence suggests that online therapy options are equally effective as in-person therapy, providing flexible sessions and ease of use.

Some services offer manageable subscription services and other payment plans. Some private medical insurers may also cover online couples therapy, so people should speak directly with their insurer.