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Pre-workout drinks aim to help people get the most out of their workout. Companies formulate pre-workout drinks to improve the way the body responds to workout routines, helping people get the best results.

Pre-workout drinks aim to help people get the most out of their workout by improving exercise performance and efficiency. According to an article in Nutrients, ingredients in pre-workout drinks include:

  • carbohydrates
  • caffeine
  • amino acids
  • creatine
  • beta-alanine
  • vasodilators, including nitrates and l-arginine
  • vitamins

Researchers know that caffeine can improve mental processes, strength, power, and endurance during a workout.

A 2016 study found that people who consumed pre-workout drinks containing caffeine saw a significant improvement in anaerobic, such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) and power performance compared to those who did not drink beverages containing caffeine.

According to the article in Nutrients:

  • Beta-alanine improves people’s strength and endurance when they ingest 4–6 grams (g) per day for several weeks.
  • Nitrates can improve a person’s sprinting and increase the amount of time they can work out before experiencing fatigue.
  • L-arginine decreases a person’s blood pressure and increases the amount of blood flowing toward the muscles.

Most pre-workout drinks come in the form of powder, which people mix themselves. Some companies manufacture ready-to-drink (RTD) versions of their powder so that people can drink on the go.

Keep reading to learn more about seven pre-workout drinks available for purchase.

Please also note that the writer of this article has not tested these products. All information in this article is research-based, and we do not intend to recommend certain products over others.

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Consuming a pre-workout drink can help a person maximize their routine.

Transparent Labs is a company that formulates workout supplements. They aim to provide products that contain ingredients proven to work.

Each serving (one scoop, or 22.08 g) contains 180 mg of caffeine and 4,000 milligrams (mg) of beta-alanine. Preseries Bulk contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colored dyes, and contains 19 active ingredients that help increase muscle mass.

Their Preseries Bulk comes in several flavors, including blue raspberry, strawberry lemonade, and orange. This product is also suitable for vegans.

This product is not suitable for children or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to high caffeine content.

Transparent Labs Preseries Bulk is available for purchase here.

MyProtein is a company that specializes in sports nutrition and clothing. THE Pre-Workout is vegetarian and vegan friendly and is gluten-free.

This product contains 150 mg of caffeine per serving and includes creatine and beta-alanine in its ingredients. Creatine increases performance during high-intensity exercise.

THE Pre-Workout is available in several flavors. Watermelon, pineapple mango, guava berry, and blue raspberry are vegan. The black cherry vanilla flavor contains milk.

MyProtein suggest mixing 1 scoop of this product with 300–400 milliliters (ml) of water 30 minutes before a workout.

This product is not suitable for children or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to high caffeine content.

MyProtein THE Pre-Workout is available for purchase here.

Kaged Muscle is a company that makes scientifically backed, affordable products. Kaged Muscle’s Pre-Kaged supplement has undergone a recipe change to increase mixability and flavor.

Pre-Kaged contains 274 mg of organic caffeine per serving and also contains leucine. Kaged Muscle claims that leucine is an energy source for muscles and slows down the rate of protein breakdown in muscle tissue, increasing the effectiveness of muscle-building workouts.

Pre-Kaged is gluten-free and vegan. It is currently available in grape, fruit punch, pink lemonade, berry blast, and krisp apple flavors.

Due to the high amounts of caffeine in this product, it is not suitable for children or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Kaged Muscle has recently launched a new, caffeine-free version of their Pre-Kaged.

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged is available for purchase here.

Optimum Nutrition only sells supplements designed to help people maximize their workouts. Their Amino Energy RTD product is a ready-to-drink, or already mixed, pre-workout supplement.

This product packs 100 mg of caffeine and 5g of amino acid into each 16 fluid ounce (fl oz) bottle. The amount of caffeine in this product amounts to the same as that of a strong cup of coffee. The amino acids and caffeine in the drink aid muscle recovery and increase a person’s energy and focus during their workout.

This product comes in orange blast, fruit punch, and blueberry lemonade flavors.

Optimum Nutrition recommend using this product before a workout, first thing in the morning to get an energy boost, or at any point in the day.

Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy RTD is available for purchase here.

NutraBio specialize in producing supplements for a wide range of purposes, such as sports, losing or gaining weight, and increasing the immune system’s effectiveness.

NutraBio’s Pre Workout Stim-Free product does not contain any stimulants. The company claims that the 15 ingredients in this product increase a person’s power, strength, and endurance without the need for any caffeine.

This product comes in two flavors: dragon fruit candy and watermelon.

It is suitable for those with a caffeine sensitivity or those who have to limit their caffeine intake. This may include people who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

This product is also vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-genetically modified (GMO) products. NutraBio has formulated this product to decrease the risk of a person experiencing an allergic reaction.

NutraBio’s Pre Workout Stim-Free is available for purchase here.

Powher formulate supplements for females. The products are low in stimulants to avoid caffeine crashes. Powher’s Pre-Workout uses an ingredient called EnXtra that boosts the small amount of caffeine in the product.

This product also contains 10 natural, stimulant-free ingredients, such as coconut water powder and vitamin B, to prevent fatigue during a workout.

Powher recommend taking 1 scoop (10 g) 30 minutes before a workout for optimal effects.

Powher is available for purchase here.

Garden of Life specialize in organic, non-GMO products.

Their SPORT Organic pre-workout supplement aims to boost energy levels and increase focus during a workout.

It contains 85 mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving and has 220 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin B12. This product contains a high amount of Vitamin B12 as athletes and vegans often have depleted levels of this vitamin.

This product is only available in blackberry. However, the company also offers a sugar-free version of this product.

Garden of Life’s SPORT Organic Plant-Based Energy + Focus is available for purchase here.

Pre-workout drinks increase people’s energy, and evidence suggests that certain ingredients maximize specific workout routines.

There is a wide variety of pre-workout supplements on the market, so people can choose which one is right for their lifestyle.

As most pre-workout drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine, it is a good idea to talk to a medical professional before consuming them, especially if a person has a heart condition or is pregnant or breastfeeding.