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Many brands offer massage chairs that may improve circulation and reduce muscle pain and fatigue. They may also benefit people with conditions such as high blood pressure and anxiety.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best for high end features: Daiwa Supreme Hybrid

  • List price: $13,500
  • Maximum weight: 300 pounds (lb)
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Type of massage: kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, and rhythm
  • Size: 67 inches (in) L x 33.5 in W x 49 in H

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair has a touch screen that includes preprogrammed massage sessions. The shape of the chair wraps around a person’s body and does not take up a lot of space.

Other features that users may find beneficial include a built-in wireless phone charger, wireless Bluetooth speakers, a multi-roller system, and built-in airbags.


  • multiple timer settings
  • programs to target specific body areas
  • heating for the lumbar spine and knees


  • not suitable for those who weigh more than 300 lb
  • more expensive than other massage chairs
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Best for spinal decompression: Infinity IT-8500 X3

  • List price: $6,799 on Amazon
  • Maximum weight: 300 lb
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Type of massage: shiatsu, tapping, knocking, kneading, sync, and rhythm
  • Size: 59 in L x 36 in W x 46 in H upright

This zero-gravity massage chair can elevate the user’s legs above the heart. According to the company, the chair helps improve circulation, lower heart rate, and release tension.

It also has a heating feature that relaxes and soothes the muscles, which may help reduce pain and tightness.

Other features include 3D massage rollers, built-in speakers, Bluetooth technology, and body scanning technology.

It also has stretch features for spinal decompression and correction and spine reclining. This makes the chair an option for people with spinal issues, including those recovering from surgery or injury.


  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • includes a small remote
  • five 3D intensity levels


  • does not have a calf heat feature
  • neck air bag may not provide strong enough support, according to reviews
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Best for tight spaces: Sharper Image Revival

  • List price: $3,999
  • Maximum weight: 305 lb
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Type of massage: kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu, and knocking
  • Size: 53 in W x 45 in H upright

This Sharper Image massage chair has a one-touch zero-gravity recline for spine decompression. It also uses a four-roller mechanism that provides a deep kneading massage.

The chair has body scanning technology that adjusts roller travel and intensity based on the user. It also features various massage styles, such as Japanese shiatsu and tapping.

In addition, the massage chair features automatic programs, a quick product demo, a space-saving recline, a rocking mode, and lumbar heat.

This chair requires only 2 in of space from the wall and extends up to 58 in when reclining. This makes it a potential option for people with limited space.


  • compact and suitable for people with limited space, according to reviews
  • reduces spinal pressure and fatigue, according to reviews


  • can be tight on the hips and noisy, according to some reviews
  • does not have Bluetooth capabilities
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Best for innovation: Ogawa Master Drive AI

  • List price: $9,999
  • Maximum weight: 320 lb
  • Material: high quality synthetic leather
  • Type of massage: deep tissue
  • Size: 62.2 in L x 33.1 in W x 47.6 in H upright

The Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair features 4D Vario Motion rollers, a 54-in massage roller track, and microprocessors for higher speed and accuracy.

It also comes with artificial intelligence technology, Alexa integration, and a zero-gravity recline, making it an option for people who value innovation and smart device integration.

Other features include a long lasting motor, six massage techniques, an extendable leg extension, lumbar heat therapy, and Bluetooth speakers.


  • available in multiple colors
  • has a manufacturer’s warranty


  • potential issues communicating with customer service, according to customer reviews on Trustpilot
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Best for arthritis: Kyota M673 Kenko

  • List price: $5,799.99
  • Maximum weight: 300 lb
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Type of massage: deep tissue
  • Size: 54 in D x 48 in H upright

The Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair features a zero-gravity recline, four-node traveling rollers, and body scanning technology.

Customers can also benefit from other features, such as Bluetooth speakers, a space-saving recline, lumbar heat, and shoulder compression.


  • may help relieve arthritis pain, according to reviews
  • offers a deep tissue massage
  • works on different body areas


  • some reports that the wired remote control is inconvenient
  • has hard and uncomfortable rollers, according to some reviews
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Best with voice control: Cozzia Qi SE

  • List price: $6,999
  • Maximum weight: 276 lb
  • Material: no information provided
  • Type of massage: deep tissue
  • Size: 33.1 in W x 47.6 in H upright

This massage chair has voice control and a 4D L-Track, which allows it to move in multiple directions.

The chair also offers various features such as 3D foot rollers, a one-touch zero-gravity recline, backrest and footrest control, a space-saving design, airbags with pressure sensors, chromotherapy lighting, a touchpad remote, and Bluetooth speakers.


  • may help with joint and back problems
  • comes with heat therapy
  • can be an option for those who want a more relaxing, hands-off experience, thanks to the voice control feature


  • can be intense on the legs, according to some reviews
  • some reports that users could not reduce the massage intensity
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Best for a budget: Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

  • List price: $1,999
  • Maximum weight: 295 lb
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Type of massage: five massage options (no further information provided)
  • Size: 44 in D x 28 in W x 40 in H upright

The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 massage chair offers full-body massage therapy to help reduce muscle pain.

The chair also features heating in the lumbar area, a swivel base, and five auto-massage programs. Plus, at a weight of 114 lb, it is relatively easy to move.


  • three colors to choose from: black, bone, and espresso
  • compact design
  • deep tissue massage
  • least inexpensive model on this list


  • may not offer enough pressure in the leg and foot areas, according to reviews
  • heat may be too strong for the fabric, according to reviews
  • does not have Bluetooth
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Best for tall and heavier people: Kahuna Superior

  • List price: $2,899.99
  • Maximum weight: 320 lb
  • Material: no information provided
  • Type of massage: kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping + knocking, and shiatsu
  • Size: 48 in L x 28 in W x 47 in H upright

This product offers triple hip airbags, a remote control, heating therapy, and a massage time control of up to 30 minutes.

Other features that people may find useful include acupressure points, a six-wheel roller system, a zipper leg extension covering, LED lights, a zero-gravity position, and a space-saving design.


  • compact size
  • leg extension to accommodate users up to 6.5 feet tall and weighing up to 320 lb
  • multiple auto programs


  • heating available for only the lower back and leg areas
  • no temperature adjustment
  • no built-in speakers
  • no Bluetooth support
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Here is a comparison of the above products:

Daiwa$13,500300 lbyesyesyes3 years parts,
1 year labor
Infinity$6,799300 lbyesyesyes5 years frame,
3 years parts,
1 year labor
Sharper Image$3,999305 lbyesnono3 years frame,
2 years parts,
1 year labor
Ogawa$9,999320 lbyesnoyes5 years frame,
3 years parts
and labor
Kyota$5,799.99300 lbyesnoyes4 years frame,
3 years parts,
1 year labor
Cozzia$6,999276 lbyesnoyes5 years
$1,999295 lbyesnono3 years
Kahuna$2,899.99320 lbyesyesno2 years parts
and labor

The following are some factors that people can consider when looking for a massage chair:

  • Body scan technology: Some massage chairs can scan a person’s body shape to massage required areas.
  • Auto shutoff: This critical safety feature prevents potentially dangerous overheating.
  • Remote control: A person can use a massage chair with a built-in or wireless remote control. Some devices also have touch-screen remotes.
  • Swivel base: This can be useful for people who want to use the massage chair as an office chair, as the chair can rotate on the base.
  • Space-saving technology: A massage chair with a space-saving design has a smaller frame, which may be more suitable for people with limited space.

Back massage chairs are chairs that provide massages that can mimic the hand movements of a massage therapist.

These chairs can come with various features, such as:

  • rolling nodes
  • airbag massagers
  • intensity adjustments
  • pressure point detection

The researchers behind a 2020 study compared home massage chairs with physical therapy for treating lower back pain. They found that while massage chairs are a cost-effective treatment option, physical therapy is more beneficial for managing pain and improving disability. They also state that massage chairs do not replace physical therapy when treating lower back pain.

Another 2020 study reports that massage therapy performed on the back and feet can effectively lower blood pressure and improve a person’s sleep quality.

The authors of a 2019 study note that a 10-minute back massage may help improve sleep duration and breathing and reduce anxiety symptoms in people in intensive care units.

Medical News Today chooses products that meet the following criteria:

  • Price: Products are available at a wide range of prices to fit different budgets.
  • Features: Many products have useful features such as body scanning technology, a space-saving design, an overheating protection mechanism, and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Brand reputation: Products on the list typically get good reviews or are in good standing with third-party organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau.
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Here are some of the top questions about massage chairs:

Is a massage chair good for lower back pain?

A massage chair that can stimulate the lower back may help, but there are limitations. A 2020 study found that while massage chairs can be helpful, physical therapy is better for treating lower back pain.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

As long as the massage chair does not cause pain or discomfort, people can use it as often as they would like to. However, it is best to consult a doctor first to avoid potential harm, especially if a person has an existing health issue.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

It depends on the specific device. People should aim to select energy-efficient devices for their homes and workplaces to help the environment and reduce costs.

What do I do if I get stuck in a massage chair?

A person may wish to use a massage chair only when someone else is available to assist them.

If this is not possible, a person should make sure they can get in and out of the chair easily without help before they attempt to use it.

Massage chairs may provide various benefits to a person’s health, such as reducing pain, tension, and symptoms of anxiety.

Before committing to a purchase, a person should consider product features such as Bluetooth compatibility, safety features, and massage settings.

It is also a good idea to check customer reviews to discover the potential advantages and disadvantages of a particular product.