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Nutrisystem is a meal delivery service designed to help people lose weight. Nutrisystem for Men is a Nutrisystem plan that caters specifically to males aiming to lose weight.

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Nutrisystem is a weight loss-oriented meal delivery service.

A person can visit the Nutrisystem website to subscribe to set meal plans. The company then delivers ready-made or frozen meals to the customer weekly.

Learn more about Nutrisystem here.

Each Nutrisystem plan follows the same basic structure, varying in the number of meals and snacks and dietary restrictions or preferences, such as vegetarian diets.

All plans allow a person to select specific meals, or let the company do it for them.

People can choose from three standard plans, which they can then tailor to suit their needs and preferences.

  • Basic Plan: This plan starts at $11.64 per day when a person selects “Men.” The plan includes five breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and 10 snacks per week, from a selection of 100 meals on the menu.
  • Uniquely Yours: This plan starts at $13.04 per day. The Basic Plan includes five breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus 10 snacks. It provides access to 150 menu items, and a person can tailor the plan to suit their preferences.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate: This plan starts at $14.29 per day. It includes 7 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack selections from over 160 menu items. Customers can tailor the plan according to dietary preferences.

The Nutrisystem service also provides specialized plans, including:

  • Vegetarian: This plan starts at $13.04 per day when selecting “Men”. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks for 5 days.
  • Basic Diabetes Plan: This plan costs $11.64 per day and includes five breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus 10 snacks from a selection of 100 menu items.
  • Uniquely Yours Diabetes Plan: This plan starts at $13.04 per day and includes the same number of meals but access to 150 options. A person can also tailor the plan to suit their metabolism.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate Diabetes Plan: For $15.18 per day, the plan includes 7 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections, with additional snacks. It offers over 160 meal options.

Diabetes plans provide 1,200–1,500 calories each day and a balance of low glycemic whole grains, protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

The Nutrisystem app

Regardless of what plan a person selects, they will have access to the Nutrisystem app.

The app contains additional information, diet challenges and other tools to help a person lose weight using the company’s system.

Nutrisystem is for individuals looking for a meal plan to help them manage their weight.

Nutrisystem for Men offers a 4-week program allowing people to eat portion-controlled meals daily. Meals are low in calories and fat and contain more fiber and protein content.

The Nutrisystem for Men plan offers various meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A person can also order snacks.

Some foods that the company offers include:

Blueberry Muffin

This breakfast blueberry muffin is diabetes-friendly and suitable for vegetarians.

It has the following nutritional values:

Per serving
Calories (kcal)150 kcal
Grams (g) of fat3 g
Grams of fiber6 g
Grams of protein7 g

Three Cheese Chicken

Nutrisystem offers this dish for lunch. It does not require refrigeration, and people can prepare it in a microwave.

It has the following nutritional values:

Per serving
Calories 200 kcal
Fat 5 g
Fiber4 g
Protein10 g

BBQ Seasoned Chicken

The BBQ Seasoned Chicken meal is high in protein, and a person can prepare it in their microwave. They do not have to refrigerate it.

It has the following nutritional values:

Per serving
Calories140 kcal
Fat5 g
Fiber 2 g
Protein 15 g

Chocolate Flavored Pretzels

These snacks come in a single pack or 30 packs and may suit persons following a vegetarian diet.

It has the following nutritional values:

Per serving
Calories140 kcal
Fat6 g
Fiber3 g
Protein5 g

There is little research to support the effectiveness of Nutrisystem as a weight loss diet.

Independent studies indirectly show some aspects of Nutrisystem may help with weight loss, but more research is necessary.

Biased studies

Nutrisystem includes a sponsored study on their website as proof of their health claims.

This study is not peer-reviewed, which means that independent scientists have not verified its research methods and conclusions.

The findings showed that Nutrisystem led to an average weight loss of 15.4 pounds and an average reduction of 9.7 inches in waist circumference in the first 2 months.

The paper lists neither the researchers’ names nor the study’s publication date. The study only involved 84 adults, which is a small sample.

Potential benefits

A 2016 systematic review studied how commercial weight-loss programs affect body composition and blood pressure. The programs include Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers (WW), and Jenny Craig.

The researchers state that there is limited evidence to support the effectiveness of these programs, and further research may help determine which one is the most effective for long-term weight loss.

Another 2016 systematic review found that Nutrisystem and other commercial weight loss programs could reduce glycemic levels in people with type 2 diabetes, including Jenny Craig and OPTIFAST.

In a 2015 review article, researchers noted that people who used Nutrisystem saw a minimum of 3.8% greater weight loss at 3 months than the control groups.

The authors noted the need for additional studies to determine the long-term effects of dietary programs such as Nutrisystem.

Potential risks

Nutrisystem meals tend to be low calorie. For example, the company’s diabetes plans provide 1,200–1,500 calories each day.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020, people need to consume about 1,600–3,200 calories per day to maintain weight. The ideal amount depends on sex, age, activity level, and other factors.

A 2018 review found that reducing calorie intake by about 500—600 calories per day can result in weight loss — typically close to 2 kilograms per month. However, this weight loss may occur only for the first month. The review concludes that reducing calorie intake may aid short-term weight loss, but may not be viable in the long term.

Over-restriction of calories or elimination of specific food groups may result in nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and fatigue, among other problems. It may also cause a person’s metabolism to slow over time, reducing how many calories they burn daily.

Therefore, the Nutrisystem calorie-restricted diets may cause people to lose weight in the short term but may not be suitable for long-term use.

Learn tips for long-term weight loss here.

On the diabetes plans

Some research shows that the company’s approach to weight loss for people with diabetes may be flawed.

For their plans catering to people living with diabetes, Nutrisystem offers meals every 2–3 hours to help keep blood sugar levels stable.

However, a 2019 review from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) states that there is no ideal diet for those with diabetes and eating patterns should be individualized for best results.

Nutrisystem also claims to provide low calorie and balanced meals for people living with type 2 diabetes.

However, the most important factor for weight loss is a person’s willingness and ability to stick to a calorific deficit. Being consistent with a Nutrisystem diet could be more important than ensuring that every meal provides the ideal balance of macronutrients.

Learn about a suitable diet plan for diabetes here.

There are some potential benefits and disadvantages to consider before ordering Nutrisystem:


  • calorie-restricted plans may help people lose weight in the short term
  • a person can avoid cooking or preparing meals for several or all days each week
  • high protein and high fiber meals may help the person feel full for longer
  • the service includes a 4-week program that teaches a person about healthy eating habits
  • 14-day trial available


  • limited research to support its effectiveness
  • limited menu
  • a person may have trouble developing new healthy habits to maintain their weight loss after stopping Nutrisystem
  • the plans may restrict calories too much for some people
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Nutrisystem has a 1.5 out of 5 star rating with Trustpilot based on over 2,000 customer reviews.

Complaints mention difficulty contacting customer service. Live chat support may be slow. Some customers also state that the services are expensive and orders do not arrive on time.

Positive reviews mention that Nutrisystem offers a wide variety of foods, and the programs can help individuals lose weight.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredits Nutrisystem and gives them a rating of A+. Less favorable comments relate to the customer service and note that food portions are very small.

Some people also spoke about receiving the wrong items, but they confirmed that they were able to substitute their order without an extra charge.

Several competitors offer similar meal delivery and weight loss programs:

Learn more about meal delivery services for weight loss here.

Common questions and answers about Nutrisystem include:

How much does Nutrisystem cost?

The cost depends on the plan a person chooses.

Generally, the men’s plan costs between $11.64–$14.64 per day. There is also a “partner plan” option with similar per-person and per-day costs.

Nutrisystem extends a 14-day money-back guarantee, meaning those who are unsatisfied with the service can return their food within 14 days and request a full refund.

How much does Nutrisystem cost at Costco?

Costco sells $100 Nutrisystem gift cards for $79.99. Sometimes it may also offer discounts greater discounts.

How much is Nutrisystem monthly?

Nutrisystem’s monthly costs can vary, as it has different plans it markets for women, men, and couples.

However, a person can expect to pay between $300—$450 per month.

What is a major drawback of the Nutrisystem diet?

There are some downsides that come with Nutrisystem’s diet for men.

Nutrisystem’s meals are low in calories but contain a lot of fiber. Although this can be advantageous, many of the foods undergo processing.

Food processing often increases the salt, sugar, and trans fat content in food items to make them taste better. Individuals may not know about the exact amount of ingredients that foods contain.

What is the success rate of Nutrisystem?

It may be best to read customer reviews before subscribing to a meal plan. Nutrisystem has many negative reviews on Trustpilot and BBB, stating that the customer representatives may not be supportive and orders may not arrive on time.

If a person is having difficulty managing their weight or finding it difficult to lose weight, they may consider contacting a medical professional. A focused change in diet or exercise regimen can often help with weight management.

However, a doctor or healthcare professional can assess an individual’s general health and look for any underlying medical conditions that could affect weight. They can then make the appropriate recommendations for effective weight management.

Nutrisystem offers meal delivery for people that want to manage their weight. The company offers a choice of plans that it markets as being for men, women, those with diabetes, and vegetarians. Individuals can choose the plan that best suits their needs.

The company also provides support through their app, with information to help a person maintain weight loss in the long term.

There is little scientific evidence to confirm the effects of Nutrisystem plans on weight loss. The program may still help a person lose weight, but they may not experience long-term results.

The program has very poor reviews on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau. Some people may find the program costly, particularly if they follow it for longer.

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