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Meal delivery services can help people lose weight by providing healthy meals with no or minimal prep. Here, we discuss our favorite meal delivery options for weight loss.

A meal delivery for weight loss can save time and help people reach their goal. Instead of planning meals and sourcing ingredients, meal delivery services provide people with a menu and offer no or minimal prep dishes.

Many companies offer lower calorie meals that can help people lose weight. Many of these lower calorie options are similar to classic home-cooked meals or restaurant dishes.

Medical News Today has tested some of the products below. Reviewers may have received some products from the manufacturers for free, which does not influence their review. All opinions are the reviewers’ own.

Here we compare the services in this article on price, products offered, diets covered, and more.

Meals per week
• mains
7 to 28 meals
• clean
7 days’ notice
• breakfast
10 to 21 meals
• gluten-free
Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET for the following week
• mains
6 to 18 meals
• low calorie
7 days’ notice
ready-made meals
4 to 16 meals
• low calorie
any time
meal kits
3 to 6 meals
• meat and vegetables
5 days before delivery
• meal kits
2 to 10 meals
• high protein
varies by ZIP code
any time
• meal kits
2 to 5 meals
• paleo
any time
meal kits
2 to 4 meals
• WW recommended
any time
• mains
6 to 15 meals
• plant-based
any time before Thursday 11.59 p.m.
meal kits
2 to 6 meals
• vegetarian
before 11:59 p.m. PST 5 days before delivery

Medical News Today selects meal delivery services that fit the following criteria:

  • Price: MNT chooses meal delivery services that will suit a variety of budgets.
  • Diets: MNT selects meal delivery services that cater to a wide range of diets.
  • Nutritional quality: MNT only chooses meal delivery services that offer nutritionally balanced meals and plans that aim to provide a person with adequate daily nutrition.
  • Ingredient freshness: MNT selects meal delivery services that use fresh ingredients free from preservatives. The meal delivery services also keep their food fresh during delivery by appropriately cooling and packing the food.
  • Ease of preparation: MNT chooses meal delivery services offering meals that are easy to prepare and suitable for people with varying levels of cooking experience.
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People may wish to consider the following when choosing a meal delivery service:

  • Preparation time: Some services may provide ready-to-eat meals, recipes, or pre-measured ingredients, all of which have different preparation times.
  • Menu choices: Individuals with food allergies or dietary requirements should ensure that the meal delivery service they choose has food they can consume.
  • Cost: People should choose a meal delivery service that fits their budget.

The following considers some benefits and drawbacks of using meal kits for weight loss.


  • Meal delivery services have set portion sizes, which may help a person keep to their weight loss plan.
  • Meal delivery services provide full nutritional information, which can help a person track their calories and nutrients.
  • Meal delivery services offer food that people can prepare quickly, which may suit those who are short on time.


  • Some meal delivery services offer higher calorie meals, which may hinder weight loss efforts.
  • People will need to consider what meals or snacks they consume other than the delivered meals to achieve a calorie deficit.
  • Meal delivery services can be more expensive than batch-cooking home-cooked meals.
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Learn about the cheapest meal delivery options.

Below, we answer questions frequently asked about meal delivery for weight loss.

HelloFresh offers several lower calorie meals and a Fit & Wholesome meal plan.

People who choose meals with fewer calories and exercise more are likely to experience weight loss.

Yes, it is possible to lose weight by using meal kits. Many companies offer lower calorie meals that, combined with exercise, can help people reach their weight loss goals.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that a person should lose weight gradually, at a rate of around 1 to 2 pounds per week. This means that the maximum weight a person should lose per month is around 8 pounds.

The best way to consistently lose weight is to lower the amount of calories a person consumes and exercise more.

People may find that they feel fuller for longer while “volume eating,” a strategy where people eat more naturally lower calorie foods. As this creates a larger plate than calorie-dense food, people may feel fuller for longer.

However, it is most important to ensure that any meals a person chooses are nutritionally balanced.

Meal delivery services may support weight loss goals, but it depends on various factors, including meal choices and overall activity levels.

Some brands have menus designed for weight loss. These may include low calorie, carb-conscious, or plant-based options.