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22 Days Nutrition is a plant-based health food company. It provides personalized meal-planning services, protein powders, and other health food products to their customers.

In this article, we discuss the company, focusing on the 22 Days Nutrition meal planner, the ingredients it recommends, and its competitors. We also provide more information about vegan diets.

22 Days Nutrition sells protein powders and other plant-based health food products.

It launched in 2009. Exercise physiologist and New York Times bestselling author Marco Borges is its founder and chief executive officer.

The company claims to help people find plant-based solutions for improving their health and that of the planet.

22 Days Nutrition grew in popularity when music artist Beyoncé publicly talked about using the service. She and music artist Jay-Z partnered with the company to launch its vegan meal planning app.

The website says the company’s name is 22 Days Nutrition because it takes a person an average of 21 days to make or break a habit. Therefore, in theory, on the 22nd day, a person should have developed the new habit — in this case, eating a healthy plant-based diet.

22 Days Nutrition is not listed on the Better Business Bureau website and has no reviews on its Trustpilot page.

The company does have many reviews posted on its website. However, these reviews seem to relate to the company’s protein powders rather than the meal planner.

The positive reviews frequently mention the taste and quality of these protein powders. The negative reviews often mention shipping and delivery problems.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tested these products. All information presented here is research-based.

Meal planner

The subscription-based 22 Days Nutrition meal planning web app allows a person to make their own personalized meal plans.

In the app, a person needs to provide information such as cooking habits, dietary needs, allergies, household size, preferred portion sizes, kitchen equipment, and goals.

Then, customers can select which recipes they would like from more than 1,000 plant-based recipe options.

The company then provides recipes and corresponding grocery lists to help customers purchase their ingredients via third-party grocery shopping apps, including Amazon Fresh, Peapod, and Instacart.

A person can choose a 3-month plan at a cost of $3.25 per week or a 12-month plan at a cost of $1.90 per week. Both plans include nutrition facts with every recipe, and the opportunity to cancel at any time.

Customers opting for the 12-month plan also receive a free 30-minute consultation with a nutrition expert.

Meals and ingredients

The 22 Days Nutrition recipes are 100% plant-based.

A few examples of the meals a person can choose from are:

Protein powders

22 Days Nutrition also sells protein powders for a person to have in the morning or after a workout.

According to the company, these powders help build muscle, reduce soreness, and increase energy. One serving contains 20 grams of protein.

Main ingredients include:

  • pea protein
  • flaxseed
  • sacha inchi, which comes from the roasted seeds of a plant native to South America

A person can find the full ingredients lists for each protein powder flavor on the company website.

22 Days Nutrition says its protein powders contain USDA-certified organic plants, essential amino acids, and branched-chain amino acids.

The protein powders come in compostable, sustainable packaging rather than in plastic tubs.

The 22 Days Nutrition protein powders come in the following flavors:

Customers can make a one-time purchase when buying these protein powders, or they can subscribe and receive 10% off.

Here are a few advantages that the 22 Days Nutrition meal planner has over competitors:

  • more than 1,000 recipes available
  • personalized advice from food coaches
  • same-day ingredient delivery available through third-party grocery shopping app partners

Moreover, a person can customize their portion sizes and eliminate more than 700 ingredients in their personalized plan.

The company states on its website that people can use the protein powders to help with weight loss or weight gain alongside a well-planned exercise regime and diet.

However, the company recommends a person consult a doctor before they use the powders to lose weight.

Marco Borges, an exercise physiologist and founder of 22 Days Nutrition, says all the recipes in the meal planner meet his nutritional requirements.

The website does not state whether the meal planner recipes aid with weight loss or gain, but it does say they are healthy and clean.

22 Days Nutrition is not a meal delivery service. A person using the meal planner still needs to purchase the ingredients and prepare the meals themselves.

However, some people may consider this a benefit because research has shown that those who eat home-cooked meals frequently tend to have a better quality diet.

Brands that offer plant-based meal delivery services include the following:

  • Purple Carrot: This vegan meal delivery service provides meal kits as well as prepared meals. Learn more about Purple Carrot here.
  • Veestro: This is a plant-based meal delivery service that offers weight loss plans and an a la carte plan.
  • Prime Roots: This meal delivery service uses koji as its main ingredient. This natural, plant-based protein recreates the texture and taste of meat.

Vegan diets eliminate all animal-based products, including meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, and honey.

A healthy vegan diet is diverse and includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, beans, and pulses.

However, research suggests vegan diets can also lead to some dietary deficiencies in some cases.

The Department of Agriculture recommends that people following vegetarian and vegan diets take the following steps to make sure they get the right amounts of nutrients and calories:

  • Eat plenty of plant protein foods, including black beans, kidney beans, cooked split peas, lentils, nuts, and seeds. Beans also have a high nutrient content.
  • Get calcium into the diet from products such as soy milk, tofu, fortified orange juice, fortified breakfast cereals, and dark leafy greens, such as spinach.
  • Snack on unsalted nuts or add them to dishes. They are rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Some research also suggests that vegan diets have a variety of health benefits and may reduce the risk of developing certain health conditions.

For example, a 2017 systematic review reports that people following a vegan diet have a reduced risk of developing cancer.

A different 2017 systematic review found an association between plant-based diets and lower cholesterol.

The 22 Days Nutrition meal planner gives personalized meal plan advice to customers and offers more than 1,000 vegan-friendly recipes to choose from.

The company also sells protein shakes to assist with weight management and muscle care, and to boost energy.

People who do not have as much time for home cooking and grocery shopping may want to consider a service that delivers pre-made meals or meal kits.