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Vaginal dryness is a common effect of menopause that can cause discomfort. Kindra sells a lotion that may help relieve it.

Menopause is a natural stage in life. It begins when menstruation stops and the ovaries stop producing estrogen. This leads to various changes, including vaginal tissues thinning and vaginal dryness.

About half of all women have vaginal dryness after menopause, and about 17% experience it before menopause. It may stem from contact with chemicals, such as those in hot tubs, or as a side effect of medications, such as chemotherapy drugs. Vaginal dryness can also result from a hysterectomy.

This dryness can cause some types of sex to be painful, and it can also cause itchiness and soreness. But many over-the-counter (OTC) products, including the lotion from Kindra, may help.

Kindra vaginal lotion is a nonprescription moisturizer designed to ease vaginal dryness. There can be many causes of vaginal dryness, but menopause is one of the most common.

The company says that its product may help with a low libido and painful sex. It also says that the lotion is clinically and gynecologically tested and cruelty-free.

Kindra vaginal lotion is made for people who want relief from vaginal dryness but do not want or cannot have hormone replacement therapy.

It is formulated for frequent and regular use, unlike lubricants, which a person uses immediately before sex.

The manufacturer claims that a person experiences some relief after the first use and sees further results after at least two days of regular use.

A person can apply the lotion with their hand or the Aurora applicator, which is gentle and reusable, its makers say. A person can purchase it separately for about $15 or with the lotion for about $49.

When people first use Kindra, they should start with one pump. Wash the hands, then insert the lotion no deeper than 1 inch into the vagina. Apply it to the vulva, or external vaginal area, as needed.

Wash the hands after each use. Within 2 weeks, a person might gradually come to use up to four pumps per application. But the manufacturer says that two to three pumps per day is usually used to ease moderate dryness.

Key ingredients of Kindra’s vaginal lotion include:

The company says that the active ingredients naturally heal the skin’s moisture barrier.

Kindra does not contain:

  • estrogen
  • parabens
  • fragrances

Research into the effectiveness of this lotion and similar products has been inconclusive. A 2018 study compared hormonal, nonhormonal, and placebo treatments for postmenopausal vulvovaginal symptoms. They found few differences in the effects.

An older study concluded that vaginal moisturizers can reduce friction and pain associated with vaginal dryness. The best moisturizers can help rehydrate tissues and balance pH levels to prevent infection, they found.

Other researchers noted that more than half of study participants using a nonhormonal vaginal moisturizer were satisfied with the product and reported improved sexual function. However, this study was small.

Another study investigated the effects of a nonhormonal vaginal moisturizer in women with vaginal dryness who were also undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The team found that 88% of participants rated the effects and tolerability of the product as either good or very good.

These studies looked at nonhormonal vaginal moisturizers, but they did not include Kindra’s product. Overall, the best option might be a moisturizer that is pH balanced and physiologically similar to vaginal secretions.

Kindra reports that some people, particularly those with very sensitive or dry skin, may have a stinging sensation or itchiness when first using the lotion. This should go away within a few days as the skin becomes more moisturized.

The company says that if the discomfort lasts longer than a few days, a person should use less lotion, and if it still persists, people should stop using the product and consult a healthcare professional.

Kindra does not have a Better Business Bureau page, and there are currently no reviews on Trustpilot.

On the company’s website, reviews for the lotion are generally positive. Most customers find that the product delivers as promised.

Negative reviews found the product to be ineffective. Many people who left negative reviews were disappointed that an applicator was not included in their purchase.

Other products that may relieve vaginal dryness include:

  • Replens: This company makes a long-lasting moisturizer, an external comfort gel, and a lubricant. It recommends using the moisturizer every 3 days, and this comes in single-use applicators.
  • Revaree: A person inserts this vaginal moisturizing suppository every 2–3 nights, and the company tells customers to expect less vaginal dryness and less painful sex within 9 days.
  • Natural lubricants: Some people opt to avoid commercial products and use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil instead. Consider consulting a healthcare professional before trying this.

Below are some common questions about Kindra’s vaginal lotion and their answers

Is Kindra safe?

The manufacturer reports that some customers may experience itchiness or stinging when they first use the product. This typically goes away in a few days, but if it persists, consider contacting a healthcare professional and stop using the product.

As with any product, a person should check the list of ingredients for possible allergens or irritants before making a purchase.

Most studies looking at vaginal moisturizers or lotions reported no serious adverse effects. However, a person may wish to consult a healthcare professional before using Kindra.

How much does Kindra cost?

On the company’s website, a 1-ounce tube cost $49. There is a discount if a person purchases a subscription.

Does Kindra provide a free trial or return policy?

Kindra offers a full refund to first-time users within 30 days.

Vaginal dryness is common and affects roughly half of all women after menopause. Prescription and OTC products can help.

Kindra makes an OTC vaginal lotion for this purpose that does not contain hormones, fragrances, or preservatives. A person should consult a healthcare professional before trying it.