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In this Factor meals review, a Medical News Today product tester tried a week’s worth of meals. Learn what they thought about the taste, price, and quality of this popular meal delivery service.

Factor offered me meals for a week. I chose the six-meal plan, which included various Protein Plus, Calorie Smart, and Keto. Factor pre-selected my meals but gave me the option to change them. However, all the selections sounded so good that I only ended up changing one.

The signup process was super easy to navigate. You need an account to order your meals, but you can have a look at the menu and filter meals by dietary requirements before doing that.

I could change my delivery date or pause for a certain time if needed. It was also very easy to cancel my subscription. It gave me the option to pause for no charge if I preferred that.

You find out pricing and shipping information after you put in your ZIP code.

I was impressed with the variety of meals to choose from. It seemed to be mostly American, Italian, and Mexican cuisine.

However, within these cuisines, I found lots of different options so that I could have variety throughout my week. There were lots of healthy options with different focuses, like low carb, high protein, and low calorie. I try to have meals with a higher protein, so it was nice to have that category easy to find on the website.

My meals included:

  • Baja Shrimp
  • Sweet and Tangy BBQ Ground Pork
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken
  • Sweet Potato Grits and Sage Chicken (my favorite!)
  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta
  • Ground Pork Chili and Cheddar Mac

These were by far the easiest meals I’ve ever had delivered.

The items were packaged in a microwavable tray with a removable cover containing nutrition information and labeling.

The meals were extremely easy to prepare, requiring only a couple of holes in the plastic film of the tray and then 2 minutes of microwaving.

I cooked each meal for exactly 2 minutes and was always pleased with the temperature.

I had six meals, and my thoughts on a few of them were:

  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta: The chicken and vegetables had a great texture, and I was satisfied with the seasoning.
  • Sweet Potato Grits and Sage Chicken: This was my absolute favorite. The sweet potato grits were amazing and unlike anything I’d tasted before. The texture of the chicken was perfect, and everything tasted delicious. I want the recipe for the grits!
  • Ground Pork Chili and Cheddar Mac: This has good flavor and texture and was a simple, yummy meal.
  • Sweet and Tangy BBQ Ground Pork: This had a unique flavor that I really enjoyed. However, I wish the potatoes were a little softer.

I was blown away by the texture of the chicken, as I am normally very skeptical about reheating meat. The chicken breast was juicy and flavorful, like I had just cooked it.

All of the vegetables were very fresh as well, not mushy like lots of other microwavable meals. I found that all the meals I tried were seasoned well. I could see that if someone wanted to enhance it further, it would be easy to add more spices (however, I did not need or want to).

Overall, I was very impressed with the ingredient quality and freshness.

Factor does not charge more for certain menu plans. Instead, the amount of meals per week influences the cost per meal. People may find that buying more meals is better value.

Below is the cost of each menu option:

Cost per mealBest for
6 meals per week$13.49those who prioritize easy, wholesome food during the workweek
8 meals per week$12.99working couples
10 meals per week$12.49working couples who prefer meals for the entire workweek
12 meals per week$11.99working parents or caregivers with small children
14 meals per week$11.49working households with one child
18 meals per week$10.99larger households

My box got delivered to me while I was at work on the day they said it would be delivered. When I got home later in the evening, all the meals were still perfectly refrigerated. The box wasn’t too big or heavy. All their packaging felt very intentional.

The packaging was extremely eco-friendly. Everything had descriptions of how it could be properly recycled, and it was made very clear that the packaging materials were recyclable.

The box also stated that the company is carbon neutral, which was nice to know. Even the padding and the frozen packs were recyclable with clear instructions.

What stood out to me most were the company’s sustainability efforts and how they made it easy to recycle the packaging.

I would absolutely recommend Factor to our readers. It couldn’t have been easier to use, and the meals were great.

I would recommend Factor to anyone who wants high quality meals without having to cook.

I think the company’s customer service, shipping, and overall process are done well and are in line with other meal delivery services I have tried. As I said before, what stood out to me most were Factor’s sustainability efforts and how it made it easy to recycle the packaging.

Factor may be a suitable meal company for people looking for quick and prepared meals.

Factor uses sustainable, recyclable, and insulated packaging. It also delivers meals in nontoxic and reusable gel packs that contain salt water and sodium polyacrylate.

The food containers are free of bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a chemical that may be present in water bottles and food storage containers.

According to the company’s website, Factor’s meals suit people trying to lose weight. It states that the meals contain an average of 600 calories. People can also choose lower calorie meals.

However, its meals may be high in sodium, which may not suit people trying to lose weight. Individuals who want to eliminate sugar from their diet may opt for meals free from or low in sugar.

Customers can choose and combine meals that meet their nutrition goals. The company provides a nutritional value label that indicates the amount of calories, fats, fiber, or sugar the dish has.

Factor enters its meals into apps such as MyFitnessPal and Carb Manager, which may make it easier for customers to track their nutrient intake.

If a person wishes to discuss their weight goals in more detail, Factor also offers consultations with dietitians.

Yes, HelloFresh owns Factor. It acquired the company in 2020.

Besides low calorie meals, Factor offers low carbohydrate and keto meals. A short-term keto diet may be effective for weight loss, but some people find the diet difficult to sustain long term.

Scientists need to conduct more research to confirm the long-term safety and effectiveness of the diet.

A 2019 study also notes that using a subscription service, such as Factor, may help people with busy schedules maintain a balanced diet.

Our tester had an overall positive experience with Factor, saying the meals tasted good and the service was very easy to use. However, the brand does not have a profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, and it has mixed reviews on other review websites.

Some factor meals can contain up to 30 grams (g) of sugar. According to the British National Health Service, the recommended daily limit of sugar for adults is 30 g.

Factor offers dietitian-approved meals that cater to various dietary needs. A Medical News Today product reviewer found Factor easy to use, convenient, and appreciated the sustainability efforts the brand is making. They also thoroughly enjoyed the meals, complimenting the variety in cuisines, tastes, and textures.