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The MYX Plus is a stationary exercise bike that people can purchase for at-home workouts. It comes with additional products, such as exercise mats and hand weights, to help people add variety to their workouts.

Brad Palmer, an investor and entrepreneur, founded MYXfitness in 2016. It has a showroom in Greenwich, CT.

The company has two products: the MYX II, which is a bike with a heart monitor, and the MYX II Plus, which comes with other exercise aids. The latter costs less than similar exercise bikes that also have an optional online connection.

Below, learn about the general reviews and features of the MYX II Plus, as well as health considerations to bear in mind when using an exercise bike.

Please note that the writer has not tried this product. All information is research-based and correct at the time of publication.

The online reviews of the MYX Plus are generally positive, with customers appreciating the following:

  • the ability to move and swivel the monitor for off-bike exercising
  • the bike’s adaptable pedals
  • the ability to adjust the coaching and soundtrack volumes independently

However, the bike uses friction resistance instead of magnetic resistance, which some users consider a disadvantage. Also, some customers have reported experiencing occasional glitches in the MYX membership program.

The company website describes the MYX II Plus as a complete home gym. The products that come as part of the purchase include:

  • a Star Trac “professional quality” stationary bike in natural white or deep charcoal
  • a set of hand weights, with customers able to choose one of the following:
    • light: 3, 6, and 9 pounds (lb)
    • medium: 6, 9, and 12 lb
    • heavy: 9, 12, and 15 lb
  • a kettlebell, which will be light (15 lb), medium (20 lb), or heavy (25 lb)
  • a resistance band
  • a Polar heart rate monitor
  • a stability mat, which is 2 feet (ft) by 4 ft in size
  • an exercise mat, which is 2.5 ft by 6 ft in size
  • a foam roller

The bike comes with a 21.5-inch (in) touch screen. The touch screen swivels, so a person can see it when they are exercising off the bike.

A MYX membership gives a person access to additional features. It costs $39 per month and provides:

  • access to a library of hundreds of total body workouts and classes, with regular additions
  • the opportunity to connect with personal coaches
  • workouts tailored to specific fitness levels
  • heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking

The classes last 10–40 minutes, and the options include:

In addition, a person can use the touch screen to access various curated music playlists.

The company says that an area of 4 ft by 6 ft is large enough to accommodate the MYX Plus bike and allow space for other exercises with the additional equipment.

The bike’s adaptable pedals allow users to wear regular sneakers or biking shoes with clips. The bike weighs 134 lb and has a 41-in flywheel for a stable, quiet ride.

A person can purchase the MYX Plus package, which does not include MYX membership, by making either a one-time payment or monthly payments for 3 years. The company offers a 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty.

Using an exercise bike is generally a safe and effective way for a person to pursue their fitness goals. Research has shown that indoor cycling can improve:

It may also be a safer and more convenient alternative to cycling outdoors.

The cross-training classes that people with a subscription can access may offer a total body workout with minimal risk of injury.

Purchasing equipment to use at home can also help a person make fitness training a regular part of their routine. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) point out, regular physical activity can benefit physical and mental health by:

Before making a purchase, it may be a good idea to consider the alternatives. Some similar stationary bikes include:

MYX Plus is a stationary exercise bike that comes with a range of other fitness products, including hand weights, a kettlebell, and a resistance band.

The price is somewhat lower than that of similar products. However, if a person wishes to access the company’s library of workouts, personal coaching, and fitness tracking, they must pay a separate monthly fee.