Many teas on the market claim health benefits. MenoSlim tea says it can help people lose weight and manage symptoms during menopause, but research proving its effectiveness is lacking.

This article discusses MenoSlim tea, its benefits and drawbacks, and potential side effects. It also discusses other products and services from the company and answers some frequently asked questions about MenoSlim tea.

MenoSlim tea aims to help manage weight gain and other symptoms during and after menopause. The company Voomvaya manufactures this tea.

It claims these teas can help to burn fat, reduce bloating, and boost metabolism. It also writes it can reduce menopause symptoms, including:

MenoSlim tea contains caffeine from the matcha leaf. It also contains rooibos, black cohosh, cardamom, and licorice root.

The company claims its tea is free from gluten and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

According to the brand, this tea works as a daily solution for weight loss, boosting metabolism, and burning body fat. However, the company writes a person should drink this alongside eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

As such, it is possible that people may experience weight loss due to diet changes and exercise, which are proven methods for weight loss, rather than the tea.

The main ingredients include:

  • Rooibos: People use the leaves of this South African plant to make tea. Although older 2014 research suggests rooibos may reduce the production of fat cells and aid in weight management, scientific research has not concluded rooibos to be beneficial for weight loss or menopause symptoms. More human studies are needed.
  • Cardamom: According to the company, cardamom helps burn more fat and reduce cholesterol. The research is, however, limited. A 2017 study found positive results with cardamom supplementation in rats with obesity eating a high carbohydrate and high fat diet. On the other hand, this 2017 study found no difference between the placebo and cardamom groups in blood pressure, glycemic index, and lipid values in pre-diabetic women.
  • Dandelion leaf: The brand says this leaf helps reduce bloating and increase fat breakdown. A 2016 study suggests that this leaf has the potential to help manage and prevent health conditions such as type 2 diabetes. 2015 research also found that dandelion leaf increases estrogen, which may be helpful in menopause. However, more research is needed.
  • Matcha: The MenoSlim website claims that matcha acts as a fat blocker and increases calorie burning. A 2018 study looked at the effects of matcha on fat-burning when females combined it with 30-minute sessions of brisk walking. It found that it increased fat burning during exercise, but the authors note not to overstate its effects.
  • Black cohosh: The company says that this ingredient helps increase estrogen and reduce vaginal dryness. However, the National Institute of Health (NIH) disagrees. It lists various studies that show no significant improvements in menopausal symptoms and, in some cases, worsening of the effects.
  • Licorice root: The website states that licorice can help decrease hot flashes and increase estrogen. However, the NIH says there is little evidence to support this. A 2016 study says that the flavonoid components in licorice root might help provide estrogen-like benefits. However, there is limited evidence to show that this ingredient effectively reduces hot flashes.

The company suggests that customers first do a 14-day detox with its TeaTox Booster tea. Then, they should start drinking MenoSlim daily for as long as they want.

A person can consider the following advantages and disadvantages of MenoSlim tea.


  • buyers typically enjoy the taste
  • some buyers found it helped them lose weight
  • the company offers a range of menopause products
  • some ingredients may help reduce menopause symptoms


  • expensive at $49 per pouch
  • one pouch lasts 14 days
  • limited evidence to support the company’s health claims
  • weight loss may be due to a balanced diet and exercise rather than the tea
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The brand states that MenoSlim tea is for females going through menopause or experiencing menopause symptoms.

Males, children, and people who are pregnant or nursing should not drink MenoSlim tea.

The website indicates that those who are taking prescription drugs or have a medical condition, such as cancer, should talk with a doctor before trying any of the company’s tea products.

MenoSlim is just one of the teas that the company produces.

The brand also sells other teas and products, including:

TeaTox Booster

This is a pouch of 14 tea bags containing herbal ingredients such as ginkgo leaf, senna leaf, and eleuthero root.

It is for people to use as an initial detox to begin menopause weight loss.

It claims to flush out toxins, reduce bloating, and promote metabolism and digestion.

The company recommends people drink one cup every morning for 14 days, brewing the tea for 5 minutes.

A 14-day supply costs around $19.

Menopause Support Tea

This caffeine-free tea is available in pouches of 30 tea bags for around $32.

It contains red clover, cinnamon, and eleuthero root. It also has natural peach flavoring.

The company recommends a person brews the tea for 5 minutes before drinking. A person can drink this tea at any time of the day.

The company claims it can help with a range of menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog, and trouble coping with stress.

It also claims to boost energy and sexual function.

Rejuvenating Sleep Tea

This is a caffeine-free tea that promises a reduction in mood swings, better sleep, and fewer night sweats.

The ingredients include valerian root, chamomile flower, and lavender flower.

The company recommends a person brews this tea for 5 minutes and drinks it every night before bed.

It claims to increase estrogen and relax the body for sleep. The company also writes a person will not feel “dependent” on this tea because it does not contain addictive ingredients.

Each pouch costs around $32 and contains 30 tea bags.

Hair Repair Tea

This tea promises stronger, thicker hair with increased growth. The company writes this tea can help to repair a person’s hair and prevent hair loss.

It contains bamboo leaf, hibiscus flower, and ginkgo leaf.

It also claims to help boost memory and energy, and reduce brain fog.

A person can drink this tea at any time of day. The company recommends people brew this tea for 5 minutes before drinking.

It costs around $32 for 30 servings.

De-Bloat Premium Multi-Strain Probiotic

These one-a-day capsule supplements come in a bottle of 30 pills costing around $39.

This product promises to stop weight gain, relieve bloating, and ease digestive issues. The company claims people can expect results within 2–3 days. It also writes that customers report a flatter stomach, reduced abdominal pain and discomfort, and they feel they have more energy.

It contains bacillus subtilus, lactobacillus casei, and lactobacillus acidophilus, among other probiotics.

Probiotics are known to improve gut health and may help weight loss.

Premium Multi-Collagen Beauty Blend

This supplement comes in powder form, and customers can mix it with water or add it to drinks.

It contains three types of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B6, among other ingredients.

Each 30-serving jar costs around $47.

The company claims it can strengthen a person’s nails, thicken hair, and firm the skin. It also writes it can reduce joint pain.

It also writes that it contains hydrolyzed collagen, which makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb it into the bloodstream.

Glass Tea Tumbler

This tumbler can store hot and cold drinks.

It contains a protective plastic sleeve to prevent burning, a stainless steel infuser, and durable borosilicate glass to reduce the risk of breakages.

It comes in one pink color, and the company writes it is suitable for loose herbal and fruit tea and any cold drink.

It is not dishwasher-friendly, and it cannot be put in a microwave.

This tumbler holds 320 milliliters of liquid and costs around $24.99.

MenoSlim tea is available for purchase on the company’s website. It offers people three different options and price points:

  • one pouch for around $49
  • three pouches and a free TeaTox Booster flavored with acai berry for around $154
  • six pouches and two free TeaTox Booster for around $252

There are very limited online reviews for MenoSlim and its company Voomvaya outside of the brand’s own website.

Voomvaya does not have any reviews or ratings on Trustpilot and does not appear on the Better Business Bureau website.

On the company website, most reviews are very positive regarding the taste and effect of MenoSlim tea. Customers say they saw some improvement in menopause symptoms, and many buyers like the tea’s taste and state it helped them lose weight.

However, negative reviews mention that their order never arrived or there were tears in the tea bags. Additionally, some reviewers did not experience weight loss results with this tea, and others found it too expensive.

People may experience some side effects after drinking MenoSlim tea. The company lists mild stomach ache and diarrhea, headaches, and nausea as potential side effects. It also writes a person may need to go to the bathroom more often after drinking MenoSlim tea.

To improve these side effects, Voomvaya recommends a person brews their tea for 1–2 minutes instead of the usual 5–7. It notes that a person may have an adjustment period when drinking tea for the first time.

The company recommends a person speaks with a doctor if they experience other side effects.

Buyers should be aware that the ingredients in MenoSlim tea can cause side effects of their own. For instance, licorice root can cause increased blood pressure, which is a particular concern for people with hypertension.

Green tea may also interact with certain medications and cause liver issues in some people.

Black cohosh can cause stomach cramps, rash, vaginal spotting, and weight gain. There is little information about how it may interact with medication.

A person should speak with a doctor before trying Voomvaya’s menopause teas.

Before buying MenoSlim tea, a person may wish to consider the following factors:

  • Research: The company uses some ingredients that have scientific evidence supporting their beneficial effects on menopause symptoms. However, research is lacking for many ingredients, and experts refute some of the claims Voomvaya makes about certain ingredients. Furthermore, no third-party research looks into whether females who drink this tea experience objective improvements in their symptoms. A person should show caution when trying new ingredients and research their effects before buying.
  • Regulation: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate menopause teas such as MenoSlim. This means they have not undergone tests for safety or effectiveness. A person should avoid products from brands that make unsupported health claims.
  • Ingredients: Some ingredients can be sensitizing or trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals. Those with a history of allergies should read the ingredient label before purchasing and consuming this product.
  • Cost: The products can be costly, with 1 month’s supply of tea often costing over $30. Shipping can cost over $7. Additionally, the money-back guarantee is only available on unused and unopened products. A person should consider their budget and how long they would like to try MenoSlim tea before making a purchase.

The following table compares MenoSlim with its competitors.

MenoSlim• rooibos
• matcha
• cardamom
• black cohosh
• dandelion leaf
• licorice root
30around $49
Full Leaf Tea Co. Menopause Relief• black cohosh
• organic vitex
• organic licorice root
• organic sage
• organic red clover
30around $15
PinkStork Menopause Tea• green tea
• licorice root
lemon balm
• black cohosh
• chaste tree berries
fenugreek seed
red raspberry leaf
• dong quai root
• eleuthero root
• red clover flower
30around $10–15

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If a person drinks MenoSlim tea and experiences side effects, they should stop drinking it and speak with a doctor for advice.

People experiencing menopause symptoms can also consult a doctor about how to manage them. Symptoms may include:

  • shorter or longer periods
  • hot flashes
  • loss of bladder control
  • insomnia
  • vaginal dryness
  • mood changes
  • weight gain
  • skin thinning
  • memory issues
  • aching joints

If a person’s periods become very heavy, are close together, or if periods resume after stopping for 1 year, they should contact a doctor.

A person should also consider speaking with a doctor if any menopause symptoms concern them, impact their daily life, or seem severe.

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The following section answers some common questions about MenoSlim tea.

What does MenoSlim tea do?

MenoSlim claims to help people lose weight gained due to menopause and reduce a range of menopause symptoms, including bloating, mood swings, and hot flashes.

It contains ingredients that may have some benefit for people experiencing menopause. However, research is very limited, and the company’s health claims are not typically supported in scientific studies.

How long does it take for MenoSlim tea to work?

The company says buyers should experience the most significant difference after the 14-day TeaTox.

What teas are good for menopause?

There is very little research supporting the use of teas to help reduce menopause symptoms. The FDA warns that such herbal products can have health risks, and brands can make false claims to buyers about the effectiveness of their products.

Anyone concerned about menopause symptoms should speak with a doctor about how to manage them.

MenoSlim tea claims to help people reduce the effects and symptoms of menopause. The company says its tea helps burn belly fat and reduce hot flashes.

However, while some of the specific ingredients do have studies supporting their ability to reduce these symptoms, scientific research is lacking, and there are no studies investigating how well MenoSlim works or whether it is safe.

Individuals should be aware that there are no regulations around these products.

Anyone concerned about menopause symptoms should consult with a doctor.