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One Potato offer a family-oriented meal kit delivery service. The company have designed their meal kits with children in mind.

One Potato also offer smoothies that customers can add to their order and receive alongside their meal kits.

This article discusses the One Potato brand and what they offer. It also looks at the benefits and risks of using meal delivery services and lists some alternative brands for people to consider.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based.

One Potato provide a family-friendly meal kit delivery service. Each meal kit includes a recipe with step-by-step instructions and premeasured ingredients so that people can cook a meal themselves without shopping or searching for recipes.

Learn more about meal kits here.

According to the company’s website, One Potato meals are ready in less than 30 minutes and use organic, non-GMO seasonal produce from reliable farms.

The company deliver the kits to customers’ homes in recyclable packaging. Customers can choose meals from a weekly rotating menu.

The founder of a family-friendly recipe blog called Weelicious started One Potato. According to their website, they wanted to help other parents and caregivers find ways to introduce their children to healthy and delicious homemade foods.

To get started with One Potato, customers need to set up an account to manage their service. They can select their dietary preferences and the number of meals they want to receive each week. They can also confirm how many people are in the family.

One Potato provide two or three meals per weekly delivery, catering for two to six people.

The price starts at just over $50 for two meals for two people and goes up to about $130 for three meals a week for six people.

Their pricing chart includes information that can help customers with meal planning. For example, the chart suggests that 6 servings can feed the following combinations of people:

  • two adults and four small children
  • two adults and two teens
  • four adults

Customers need to enter their zip code when ordering, and the company will then add any additional shipping costs to the order.

All meals include necessary condiments and a choice of cookie dough. Customers can add additional items to their order, including smoothies or shakes for breakfast.

It is possible to cancel or pause the subscription at any time. A person can easily end the subscription by logging in to their account and selecting cancel. A person may receive one additional meal after canceling, depending on when they take this action.

Learn more about One Potato subscriptions here.

In comparison with similar brands, One Potato offer a limited selection of menu items. The meals available change weekly, except for the picky eaters menu, which stays consistent.

One Potato offer about five different meals each week, alongside three picky eater options. Customers can narrow down their menu options to suit their dietary preferences.

Examples of meals include:

  • corn and black bean taquitos
  • classic burger and fries
  • pizza with Greek salad
  • turkey or vegetarian chili

Customers can also choose to add smoothies to their box for an additional fee. Some options include:

  • vitamin C blast
  • big red
  • antioxidant
  • immunity booster

Learn more about the One Potato menu here.

One Potato meal kits have a few potential benefits. These include the following:

Promotes family meals

Cooking with children and eating together as a family may offer some benefits. According to a review of studies, frequent family meals can decrease the chance of:

The study authors state that a family meal can also improve self-esteem and increase a child’s desire to achieve better results in school. However, they are not sure exactly why family meals offer these benefits. They also note that females are more likely to benefit than males.

An older study found that the frequency of shared meals has a positive effect on eating habits and obesity rates. The researchers conclude that families should eat three or more meals together each week.

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Smoothies and health

One Potato offer a range of smoothies that customers can select from each week. The smoothies contain several different ingredients, including berries, other fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

In a 2018 study, researchers concluded that drinking smoothies could help promote the consumption of vegetables and fruit. However, they warned that smoothies often contain less healthy ingredients, such as ice cream or fruit juices, which increase calorie content quickly and diminish the nutritional benefit.

One Potato only include whole ingredients that may have health benefits. Therefore, a person should use caution when adding extra ingredients, as these may take away from the health value.


It is important to note that there are no studies investigating One Potato specifically. There is also limited research on the benefits and risks of meal delivery services in general.

Common concerns center around the preservation of delivered ingredients and correct storage and cooking. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise people to try to be home to receive the delivery so that they can refrigerate the food straight away. They also warn people not to eat the food if it arrives at a temperature higher than 40°F.

People who want to use a meal kit delivery service can choose from many options, each of which may have different pros and cons. In addition to One Potato, family-friendly options include:

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One Potato provide a family-friendly meal kit delivery service. They focus on providing “wholesome” foods to families and encouraging them to share mealtimes.

Although their selection is less extensive than that of some other companies, One Potato also offer smoothies and cookie dough as add-ons.

People can subscribe to the One Potato service here.