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Saatva are a luxury mattress brand who sell a range of products online. They receive mostly positive reviews for their customer service and mattress quality.

Buying the right mattress is an important decision. Around one-third of adults in the United States adults get less sleep than experts recommend. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can play a significant part in the quality of a person’s sleep.

Do Saatva mattresses live up to their good reputation? This article will consider the brand’s reputation and discuss three of their best-reviewed mattresses.

Saatva are a luxury, online mattress brand who sell directly to consumers. Saatva were founded in 2010 in New York. They run community initiatives both in New York and Texas, where they have offices.

According to their website, the founders wanted to create a mattress company that stood out against other “bed in a box” companies. They prioritize quality, customer service, and sustainability.

In 2018, Saatva were ranked 691 on Inc.’s list of the top 5,000 retailers. They have grown in recent years and are now one of the most recognized online mattress brands.

The founders chose the name Saatva to refer to the Sanskrit word sattva, meaning pure. According to their website, the brand “strive every day to live up to the principles embodied by our name: goodness, honesty, sustainability.”

There are hundreds of reviews of Saatva mattresses online, reflecting their generally positive reputation. Most reviews focus on comfort, value for money, or the purchasing experience.

There are currently seven Saatva mattresses to choose from:

  • Saatva Classic
  • Loom & Leaf
  • Solaire
  • Saatva HD
  • Saatva Youth
  • Saatva Latex Hybrid
  • Zenhaven

Each mattress is designed to suit different needs and budgets, but they do have some factors in common. For example, all of their mattresses:

  • are handcrafted in the U.S.
  • use certified eco-friendly materials (such as cotton, steel, and memory foam)
  • come with a 180-day free trial
  • come with white glove delivery (meaning that none of the mattresses arrive in a box and that all can be set up in the room of choice)
  • have 0% APR financing available

The following sections will consider three of the best-reviewed Saatva mattresses.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

Saatva Classic

This hybrid model is the brand’s flagship mattress and is still their most popular.

Most of the support this mattress provides comes from two layers of individually wrapped coil springs. It also features perimeter edge support to maximize the sleeping area. The bed’s surface is a thin layer of memory foam, finished with an organic cotton cover.

The Saatva Classic comes in three levels of firmness: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. The mid-range luxury firm option is the most popular, as it suits most sleep styles.

For people who sleep on their stomach, the Saatva Classic in luxury firm or firm provides enough support to allow optimum spinal and neck alignment.

Some research suggests that sleeping on the correct surface can increase sleep quality in people with chronic back pain. To help with back pain, the Saatva Classic in luxury firm might best suit back sleepers.

For side sleepers, the plush soft might be the best option.

The Saatva Classic is available for purchase online.

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf consists of four layers of eco-friendly memory foam. It may provide firm yet comfortable support and enhanced breathability, which is ideal for people who often feel warm at night. A cooling gel-infused foam layer lies beneath the surface, which is covered in quilted, organic cotton.

This mattress comes in two levels of firmness: relaxed firm and firm. As this mattress contains a lot of foam, it contours to a person’s body and can help relieve pressure where needed. This makes it suitable for side sleepers, who may feel pressure in the shoulder and hips.

One reviewer suggests that the product’s squashier feel might make it less suited for back and stomach sleepers but good for older adults.

The Loom & Leaf is available for purchase online.


The Solaire uses adjustable firmness technology. People can use a remote control to direct how much air is pumped into air pockets inside the mattress. People can also control both sides of the bed separately, meaning that each user can adjust the firmness to suit them.

One 2015 review suggests that medium-firm, self-adjusted mattresses are most likely to promote sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment.

This mattress consists of six layers:

  • a power edge enclosure
  • air chambers
  • a moisture barrier
  • gel-infused memory foam
  • Talalay latex
  • an organic cotton pillow top

It is available in standard or upper flex. People can use the standard version on any bed frame, while the upper flex has a split top and is designed to be used with an adjustable base.

With its electronic components, one drawback of this mattress is that it may not last, in full working order, for as long as the others. However, Saatva’s 25-year warranty allows free repairs during the first 5 years and free labor costs for the first 15 years.

The Solaire is available for purchase online.

Saatva is one of the leading mattress retailers in the U.S., but there are many others to choose from.

For people looking for specific qualities, it is worth shopping around.

Some other brands to try include:

Saatva’s business model has earned them a good reputation for quality, service, and sustainability.

They are not the cheapest mattress brand in the U.S., but they do offer a range of options.

With so many mattress companies and variations to choose from, trying to select the right mattress can be overwhelming. Researching different brand and product reviews can help a person make this decision.