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Revive Superfoods offer home delivered fruit- and vegetable-rich smoothies and meals. The meals require no cooking. Instead, users blend the smoothies or heat up their ordered food.

Subscribers can select how many meals they want to receive per week or month, then they can choose specific meals or automatically receive smoothies based on their preferences.

This article will review Revive Superfoods and provide some example meals from their menu. It will also discuss the potential health benefits of these meals.

Revive Superfoods promise that their food is frozen at peak freshness.

Online reviews are generally positive, though some people note that they have had difficulty canceling their subscription or getting a refund for damaged or melted smoothies.

The company initially sold just smoothies but have continued to expand their offerings to include oatmeal inspired bowls, blender-free smoothies, and meals.

Revive Superfoods allow people to sign up for one of several weekly or monthly plans, registering for nine, 12, or 24 cups per week or month.

Once a person signs up, they have a specific weekly or monthly billing date. They must make any changes to their order before this date. A person can also change the specific menu items they request before this billing date. Those who do not select specific items will get a selection of foods based on their preferences.

All of the meals are vegetarian. Many are vegan, and most of the smoothies are gluten- and dairy-free.

Learn more about a vegan diet here.

Please note that no one at Medical News today, including the writer, has tried Revive Superfoods. All information presented here is purely research-based.

Revive Superfoods meals are available for purchase online.

Revive Superfoods offer a range of menus and foods. Some sample options include:


Users blend these smoothies at home after mixing with water. Some options include:

  • Gingerbread Jungle, with gingerbread cookies, banana, flaxseed, and cauliflower
  • Morning Mocha, with chocolate, cauliflower, and pea protein
  • Pumpkin & Chill, with pumpkin, carrots, and dates


The oat bowls are oatmeal-like meals with fruit. Some options include:

  • Banana Nut, with bananas and dates
  • Berry Patch, with strawberries and blueberries
  • Cheery Cherry, with strawberries and cherries

Smoothie bowls

Smoothie bowls do not need blending. Their consistency is similar to that of a thick yogurt.

Some menu items include Sweet Acai, with kiwi and raspberry, and Viva la Vita, with a mix of antioxidant berries, such as strawberries and blueberries.


These meals feature whole grains mixed with fruits and vegetables. Some options include:

  • Bean to Baja, with jalapeno, rice, and cheese
  • Buddhacado, with avocado, edamame, and quinoa
  • Caul It Couscous, with couscous, lemon, and carrot

Some benefits of Revive Superfoods include the following:

  • All of the products are certified halal.
  • The products may produce less food waste, since people may throw away fewer unused fruits and vegetables.
  • The service offers a convenient way to eat more fruits and vegetables, and the products may be more affordable than buying a large amount of produce.
  • Its prices are slightly lower than those of comparable smoothie meal delivery companies.
  • Subscribers do not have to sign a contract, and they can cancel any time before their weekly or monthly billing date.
  • A person can customize each delivery.

Some drawbacks of Revive Superfoods include the following:

  • Each meal comes in an individual package, which generates significant waste. However, most of the packaging is recyclable.
  • The products are not certified kosher.
  • Although there are a lot of smoothie options to choose from, the meal options that include solid foods are limited.

Some health benefits of Revive Superfoods include the following:

  • The company list all ingredients on their website, making it easy to screen for allergens or foods that a person dislikes.
  • The variety of fruits and vegetables that Revive Superfoods offer may not be available in a person’s home grocery store.
  • By eating more fruits and vegetables, people are increasing their nutrient and fiber intake.
  • The smoothies and meals are easy to prepare, so people with busy schedules can still eat nutritious foods.

Some health drawbacks of Revive Superfoods include the following:

  • Consuming Revive Superfoods meals alone will not necessarily improve a person’s health if they do not make other healthful lifestyle changes. Also, many medical authorities dispute the notion of a “superfood,” arguing that no single food is a health panacea.
  • Cross-contamination is possible during meal preparation. This means that Revive Superfoods meals may not be safe for people with serious food allergies.
  • Revive Superfoods meals may not be suitable for people with diabetes due to the high sugar content of the fruits in the smoothies.
  • The smoothies alone are low in calories and would not be sufficient as a full meal plan.

The Revive Superfoods delivery service can help a person eat more fruits and vegetables. It may also ease a transition to a plant-based diet and introduce a person to new healthful ingredients and food combinations.

Like all meal delivery services, it will not work for every diet or palate. People with specific health concerns should talk with a doctor before making any significant changes to their diet.