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Smart gyms are mirrors with digital screens that provide a range of workouts. Tonal and the Mirror may help people build exercise routines and reach their health and fitness goals.

Home workouts have gained popularity recently due to a significant rise in the use of technology for home workouts during the pandemic.

Home workouts can help people stay fit and reach their health goals without leaving home.

People using smart gyms can stream live and prerecorded exercise classes onto a screen and watch their form through a reflective display.

There are many smart gyms currently available, and two of the most popular are Tonal and the Mirror. This article provides an overview of Tonal versus Mirror to help consumers decide which one is right for them.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Tonal Home GymMirror
Features• interactive touchscreen
• live and on-demand classes
• AI component
• interactive touchscreen
• live and on-demand classes
• one-on-one personal training
Pricing• $2,995 with a $300 delivery fee to Hawaii and Alaska
• $49 per month for membership
• optional purchases starting at $250
• $1,495
• $39 per month for membership
• optional purchases starting at $19.95
Workouts• customized workouts
• strength training
• kickboxing
• quick fit
• boot camp
• dance cardio
• pilates
• triathlon
• barre
• meditation
• yoga
• recovery
• mobility
• prenatal and postnatal
• family style
• boxing
• cardio
• yoga
• stretching
• toning
• pilates
• marathon training
Weight150 pounds (lb)70 lb
Dimensions (H x W x D)50.9 x 21.5 x 5.25 inches (in)56 x 22.4 x 1.4 in
Better Business Bureau gradeFB-
Trustpilot reviews4 out of 5 stars1.9 out of 5 stars

Smart gyms can help motivate people and assist in their home workouts. These products can also detect the number of repetitions and provide coaching to users.

Learn more about smart gym equipment here.

Both Tonal and the Mirror have smart-screen mirrors that stream fitness classes. These mirrors can help people fine-tune their exercise form and movement to get optimal benefits from their workout routine.

These products provide cardio and strength training classes. People must connect the product to an outlet and have a reliable internet connection. When people turn the smart gyms off, they function as regular mirrors.

Tonal has a wall-mounted mirror and a digital video screen. It also provides access to an AI personal trainer.

The Mirror is a 52-inch mirror with a built-in LCD screen. People can either mount the Mirror on the wall, prop it up on a stand, or lean it against a wall.

Both products offer live classes or on-demand workouts.

Tonal is a digital workout device with an interactive touchscreen and electromagnetic pulleys with handles for strength training. It features a space-saving wall-mounted rectangular screen.

Learn more about Tonal Home Gym here.

Users can join online classes led by experienced trainers. Some classes are live, and others are on demand. Tonal offers more than 60 programs and over 1,000 guided workouts for all fitness levels. The company adds new classes to the library daily.

Users can also request tailored workouts from the system’s AI, which can assess a person’s fitness level and adjust the exercises accordingly.

The AI may be particularly useful for strength training, as it can modify the weight people use throughout the workout and determine which muscles need a rest.

The AI also stores data about each workout. This feature helps determine the amount of resistance the user will benefit from in future workouts and provides a way to track their progress.

The home gym’s 17 sensors evaluate a user’s technique and form to provide feedback so the person can correct areas that need improvement. Tonal’s smart handles and bar have motion sensors that track a user’s reps with Bluetooth.

Tonal offers challenging workouts with an emphasis on building strength. The system uses electromagnetic resistance technology that allows its users to pull or push up to 100 lb per arm. Tonal has five dynamic weight modes to make workouts more challenging.


  • adapts to accommodate various fitness levels
  • features AI training and coaching
  • offers live and on-demand classes
  • offers customized workouts
  • optional professional installation


  • requires a monthly subscription to use
  • expensive, especially with accessories and shipping outside the contiguous United States
  • requires a minimum floor space of 7 feet (ft) by 7 ft and a ceiling height of 7 ft 10 in
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Tonal’s features include:

  • interactive touchscreen
  • pulleys with electromagnetic resistance technology
  • live, interactive classes led by trainers
  • guided workouts
  • over 1,000 on-demand classes led by trainers
  • AI component to assess user fitness, capacity, and form
  • five dynamic weight modes
  • in-person partner workouts
  • group workouts

This product also has a companion app available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

People can also purchase an accessory bundle that includes a bench, mat, roller, smart handles, smart bar, and rope.


Tonal Home Gym costs $2,995. Delivery is free unless a person is shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. Shipping to these states costs $300.

People must also purchase a monthly membership to use the product’s features. This costs $49 per month.

Optional purchases include:

  • the Smart Accessory bundle, which is $495
  • professional installation, which is $250

The company offers financing options.

Tonal offers a full refund if a person returns the product within 30 days. Additionally, Tonal offers a 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor and accessories.

Workout content

Tonal offers live and on-demand strength and cardio classes, with new workouts available daily.

People can either choose a workout depending on the area of the body they would like to exercise or choose from the following options:

Tonal also allows people to design their own workouts. People must choose the type of moves, number of sets, and number of repetitions they would like to do.


This home gym attaches to a wall and looks like a mirror while not in use.

The company recommends having a 7-by-7-ft area of floor and a minimum ceiling height of 7 ft 10 in. It weighs 150 lb.

Tonal Home Gym has the following dimensions:

  • 50.9-in height
  • 21.5-in width
  • 5.25-in depth

Customer reviews

Tonal does not currently hold accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB gives the company an F grade, and the average customer rating is 2.42 out of 5 stars.

Customers give Tonal an average of 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Across both review websites, those who left positive reviews stated that the product provides a good range of resistance workouts and varied exercises.

However, negative reviews mention long shipping delays and broken equipment.

The Mirror is a smart gym that aims to provide all the benefits of a group gym class in an individual’s home with live and on-demand fitness classes and personal training sessions. People can choose between cardio and weight training classes.

Learn more about the Mirror here.

Users can view themselves in the device’s mirror, which will help them adjust their form and get the most out of their workouts.

The Mirror can connect with other devices, such as Bluetooth heart rate monitors, fitness watches, and speakers.

All interactive workouts on the Mirror are only available to those who have an active monthly subscription. When people turn the Mirror off, the product is a standard mirror.


  • offers daily live classes
  • features over 10,000 on-demand classes
  • offers one-on-one training sessions for an additional cost
  • includes free shipping


  • requires a monthly subscription to use the product
  • only offers a 1-year warranty
  • does not offer as many workout options as Tonal
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The Mirror’s features include:

  • 43-in high definition display with a 178-degree viewing angle
  • quad-core processor technology
  • personal fitness goal settings
  • LED display
  • 5-megapixel front-facing integrated camera
  • personalized profiles for up to six users
  • high fidelity surround sound stereo speaker system
  • one-on-one personal training for an additional fee


The mirror costs $1,495. People must purchase a subscription to use this device, which costs $39 per month.

Optional purchases include:

  • the Mirror Care Kit, for $19.95
  • the Mirror Starter Pack, for $100

The company delivers and installs the Mirror at no additional cost. It also offers a 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty. People can purchase an extended protection plan.

The company offers financing options.

Workout content

The Mirror offers more than 10,000 live and on-demand classes. It features new live classes daily.

The workout library is accessible at all times, and people can also access the classes through the companion app, which is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Workout options include:

  • boxing
  • cardio
  • yoga
  • stretching
  • toning
  • pilates
  • marathon training

People can also opt for one-on-one personal training sessions, which cost $40 per session.


The company states that the Mirror has a minimalist, streamlined design and blends into a room’s regular decor.

People can mount the Mirror on the wall, lean it against the wall, or prop it up on the Mirror stand. It weighs 70 lb.

The dimensions of the Mirror are:

  • 56-in height
  • 22.4-in width
  • 1.4-in depth

Customer reviews

Lululemon owns the Mirror. The BBB gives Lululemon a B- grade. The company does not currently hold accreditation with the BBB. Customers give it an average rating of 1.04 out of 5 stars.

On Trustpilot, people give the company an average of 1.9 out of 5 stars.

There are no positive or negative reviews that mention the Mirror. However, customers do state that they experienced shipping delays and poor customer service.

The following table compares Tonal and the Mirror with some of their competitors.

Tonal• on-demand and live classes
• wide range of workout options
• strength and cardio training
• AI technology
Mirror• on-demand and live classes
• one-on-one personal training
• lightweight
Tempo Studio• 300-lb barbell capacity
• AI technology to provide feedback on form
• personalized training programs
from $2,495
NordicTrack Vault• compatible with other iFIT-connected equipment
• strength training and cardio classes
• built-in storage for strength training equipment
Echelon Reflect• live and on-demand workout classes
• embedded touchscreen display
• Bluetooth compatibility

Learn more about Tempo Studio here.

Learn more about NordicTrack Vault here.

Here we answer some common questions about these home gyms.

What are the major differences between Tempo and the Mirror?

Tempo Studio features a 300-lb barbell capacity and may be most suitable for those who are looking for weightlifting exercises.

The Mirror may be more suitable for people who enjoy studio-style fitness classes such as yoga, boxing, and pilates.

What are the benefits of a workout mirror?

Workout mirrors offer gym-style and quality workouts in the comfort of a person’s home.

Many include interactive features such as one-on-one personal training and the ability to stream live and on-demand classes.

Smart home gyms use technology to provide a mirror that streams fitness classes to people’s homes. These digital touchscreens offer live and on-demand classes with a range of workout options.

Tonal Home Gym offers over 1,000 on-demand classes, whereas the Mirror offers over 10,000. Both require monthly subscriptions to use the products.