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Magic Kitchen offer a frozen meal delivery service that caters to different dietary requirements. They specialize in producing meals to suit older adults and people with medical dietary restrictions.

This article discusses the Magic Kitchen brand and what they offer, how to order, some of their menu options, and some alternative services and options.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented here is purely research-based.

Magic Kitchen are a meal delivery company who claim to provide healthy frozen meals to suit individuals and families, with options for those who have specific dietary requirements.

The company claim to have a registered dietitian who approves all meal and menu options.

Magic Kitchen’s customers rate the company highly, giving an average of 4.4 stars out of 5. Reviewers who rate this company highly state that the shipping and delivery times are fast and that the meals are tasty. Reviewers also say that the company’s website is easy to navigate and that the portion sizes are generous.

However, other reviewers state that they experienced delivery delays of several weeks and that the customer service response was inadequate. Others say that the food tastes bland and does not taste very different from other frozen meals that are available in grocery stores.

Magic Kitchen offer both contract and non-contract options. Customers can purchase one-off meals and bundles, or they can subscribe for regular deliveries.

If a customer chooses a subscription plan, the company will auto-ship their meals weekly, monthly, or bimonthly with automatic renewal.

The company have three meal delivery options:

  • one meal per day per week
  • two meals per day per week
  • three meals per day per week

People have the option of choosing from breakfast, lunch, or dinner for their weekly meals.

Magic Kitchen also offer a gifting option, so customers can choose meals for people who may benefit from having precooked meals delivered to their home.

Magic Kitchen currently deliver to the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. They ship the food via FedEx in a Styrofoam cooler and with dry ice.

A person can order from the a la carte menu or from the complete meals menu. If a person chooses the a la carte menu, they can mix and match mains, sides, soups, and desserts. The complete meals menu typically comes with one entree and up to two sides.

The company source all ingredients within the U.S. A team of chefs prepares, cooks, and flash freezes the meals before shipping.

The meals require heating before eating, but no ingredient preparation is necessary.

Magic Kitchen provide menus to suit the following dietary requirements:

They also offer meals designed specifically for older adults. Customers can search the menu for meals that are suitable for their diet by using the filters on the website.

Magic Kitchen offer several options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, and desserts.


Magic Kitchen’s breakfast options include:

  • blueberry blitz
  • breakfast scramble, hash browns, and asparagus
  • sausage, egg, and cheese croissant
  • personal pan breakfast pizza

Lunch and dinner

Magic Kitchen’s lunch and dinner options include:


Magic Kitchen’s snack options include:

  • carrot-zucchini-walnut muffins
  • flame-broiled cheeseburger on brioche
  • magic mini chocolate chip cookies
  • mighty protein shakes in various flavors


Magic Kitchen’s dessert options include:

  • chocolate cake (family size)
  • hamentashen
  • lemon tarte (family size)
  • panna cotta

Magic Kitchen’s full menu is available to view online here.

Many different companies offer frozen meals for home delivery. Some alternative brands include:

  • Beetnik Foods: They offer organic meals.
  • Home Bistro: They offer gourmet, chef-designed meals.
  • Ice Age Meals: They offer frozen meals designed for active people who are aiming to meet certain nutritional goals, such as athletes.

Alternative options involve meal delivery of preprepared meals that are not frozen. Many brands cater to specific dietary requirements.

Click on the items in the following list to learn about the best meal delivery brands for each dietary requirement:

Alternatively, there are multiple meal kit delivery companies who send fresh ingredients and recipes to their customers. Although these may take longer to prepare than frozen meals, some people may prefer to cook at home.

Learn about some of the best meal kit delivery services here.

If a person requires additional advice due to their dietary requirements, a registered dietitian can offer individual guidance on planning meals.

A 2015 systematic review suggests that using frozen meal delivery services is beneficial for older adults. Several studies that the researchers investigated showed that those who use meal delivery services that cater to specific dietary requirements self-reported having higher quality diets.

A 2017 study in French adults found that planning meals led to high diet quality and reduced unintentional weight gain. Although this study did not look at meal delivery services, eating balanced nutritional meals regularly may offer health benefits. Meal delivery services can enable this.

However, as with all meals, it is important that people consume the correct number of calories and the right nutrients.

The number of calories a person needs depends on several factors, such as their age, sex, physical activity level, and height. Companies tend to base their serving sizes on the average amount of calories a person requires, which may be too much or too few for an individual who uses their services.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases have a body weight planner tool that people can use to calculate how many calories they need per day to maintain a moderate weight.

Once a person knows their calorie needs, they can look at the nutrition labels the company include with their meals. This will help people make an informed decision about how much to consume.

People with concerns about their diet should speak with a doctor or registered dietitian for advice and guidance.

Magic Kitchen offer a variety of frozen meals that are suitable for most dietary requirements. They specialize in meal plans to suit older adults and people with medical dietary restrictions.

Customers can choose from meal plans that ship weekly, monthly, or bimonthly. There are meals to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner, alongside snacks and desserts.