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Allswell sells a range of affordable mattresses, bedding, toppers, and frames. It is a division of Walmart in operation since 2018.

This article discusses the Allswell brand in more detail and gives examples of its products. We also list some alternative mattress options.

A quick look at Allswell mattresses:

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Allswell offers four tiers of mattress products: The Allswell, The Luxe, The Supreme, and The Brick. All of the mattresses are hybrids, which means they are made from memory foam and have pocketed coils.

Learn more about hybrid mattresses here.

The mattresses have CertiPUR-US certification, verifying that they do not contain contaminants, such as lead, formaldehyde, and mercury.

Allswell provides a sleep trial period for 100 nights, free shipping and returns, and a 10-year warranty on all mattresses. Payment plans are available.

Allswell also offers removal of old mattresses for an additional $149.

Learn about mattress recycling here.

The Allswell: Allswell 10 inch Bed in a Box Hybrid Mattress

bed box hybrid

This mattress is the lowest cost option in the Allswell line.

It consists of three layers, including:

  • a 2-inch (in) top layer of charcoal and copper gel-infused memory foam
  • a 0.5-in layer of firmer memory foam
  • a 7-in support core of pocketed coils

The top layer is relatively thin, and it offers a moderate degree of pressure point relief.

Allswell claims that the charcoal and copper-infused memory foam is cooling.

Pricing starts from $249, depending on the bed size people choose.

Learn about more affordable mattresses here.

The Luxe: The Original Allswell Luxe Hybrid 12 Inch Bed in a Box Mattress

luxe hybrid

This mattress is plush with a top layer of quilted memory foam. This mattress is softer than other Allswell options.

Learn about the best plush mattresses here.

This luxe hybrid has the following layers:

  • a top layer of cooling, quilted memory foam
  • a 2-in layer of copper-gel infused memory foam
  • a 1-in layer of high-density foam that sits on top of individually wrapped coils

Allswell claims that the copper-infused memory foam provides antimicrobial properties and relief for aches and pains.

Pricing starts from $445, depending on the bed size a person opts for.

The Supreme: Allswell Supreme


For a more luxurious sleep experience, a person may wish to purchase the Allswell Supreme. This is the most expensive option in the range.

It has edge support, which may prevent motion transfer.

Learn about mattresses and motion isolation here.

The Supreme is 14-in high and includes features such as:

  • a Euro-style pillowtop
  • a layer of memory foam infused with graphite and copper
  • a 2-in layer of high-density foam, which sits on top of a layer of individually wrapped coils
  • reinforced edges to provide extra support

Allswell claims that the graphite and copper-infused memory foam may help regulate temperature. This mattress has edge support.

The Allswell Supreme has a medium-firm feel.

The price starts from $749 and can go up to $1,249.

The Brick: Allswell Brick

Allswell Brick

The Brick mattress has a firm feel that, according to reviews, provides support to people with back and shoulder pain.

Learn about the best firm mattresses here.

This mattress has three layers:

  • a top layer that is firmer and offers support
  • a 2-in later of high-density foam
  • a 1-in layer of copper-infused memory foam

The mattress has individually wrapped coils to help reduce motion transfer.

There are different sizes available from $449.

Other Allswell products

Allswell also offers a range of bedding products, including:

This chart below provides a comparison between Allswell mattresses:

The AllswellThe LuxeThe SupremeThe Brick
Main featureaffordableplush designmotion isolationback and shoulder support
Height10 in12 in14 in12 in
Pricestarting from $249starting from $445starting from $749starting from $449

Sleep style

A person can choose a mattress based on their sleeping position and any condition they might have.

For example, a 2015 study notes that some people with obstructive sleep apnea may have breathing difficulties when sleeping on their back. An adjustable mattress may help people sleep with their heads elevated to reduce sleep apnea symptoms.

A 2015 randomized controlled study suggests that sleeping on the left side and inclined may help reduce heartburn symptoms.


Allswell mattresses have a 10-point scale for their firmness, and they all rank between 4.5 and 7.5.

Customers note that the Supreme version is softer than the Allswell option. The Brick mattress has the highest firmness ranking of all options.

A person should choose the firmness level based on their body weight and whether they are experiencing any pain.

For example, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), firm mattresses may help relieve back pain.


A mattress with cooling gel infusions and allows more airflow to pass through. This may help the body to stay cool during sleep.

Allswell’s products and services come with several pros and cons:


  • a 10-year warranty
  • a 100-night trial period
  • financing option for payments
  • affordable in comparison to other mattress brands


  • no option to choose the firmness
  • limited range of products
  • no international shipping
  • bedding products can be relatively expensive
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If a person cannot find what they want on Allswell, they can consider other brands with similar mattresses:

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper sells a range of mattresses, including hybrid models.

The Casper Wave has three different layers of foam, gel pods, and springs, with ergonomic zones to relieve aches and pains.

It is 13-in high, and its structure allows it to provide support, lift, and airflow.

This mattress is a luxury option, which its price reflects.

The Casper Wave is partially constructed from recycled materials.

Learn more about Casper mattresses here.

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding is a large mattress brand and one of the first companies to launch the bed-in-a-box concept.

Learn more about bed-in-a-box mattresses here.

This mattress may suit people who overheat during sleep. The design of the Aurora Hybrid focuses on temperature control, with cooling gel beads in the top layer and a copper-infused memory foam layer.

The Aurora Hybrid also features 1,032 individually wrapped coils for pressure point relief. The firmness is customizable, and people can choose between soft, medium, or firm support.

Below we look at some common questions about Allswell mattresses:

Is Allswell a good brand?

Allswell has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on two reviews.

One of the reviews praises the quality of the mattresses and that of the customer service team.

Other comments mention that the duvet covers and sheets do not last and may have tears after a few uses.

The company offers a 100-night risk trial, so if people are not satisfied with their purchase, they can return it within 100 days.

Is the Allswell mattress worth it?

This depends on what the individual is looking for. People should read customer reviews before committing to a purchase.

A person may benefit from the 100-night risk trial that the mattresses come with, as they can test the product and decide if it is the best option for them.

Why is Allswell so cheap?

Allswell mattresses come with a low price tag compared with other hybrid models. This may be because they are 1-in shorter in size when people compare them with other brands’ mattresses.

However, lower prices do not necessarily mean lower quality, as the mattresses may have positive reviews.

Allswell is a division of Walmart that focuses on sleep-related products, including mattresses. All the mattresses they sell are hybrids, incorporating memory foam and pocketed coils.

There are four product tiers, and the main differences between them are the price and the number of memory foam layers they contain. In general, Allswell mattresses cost less than similar hybrids.